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  1. 1. Robert Preston has such an elegance and lightness about the way that he performs, not just in these clips, but in everything that he does. Honestly, I saw Victor/Victoria when I was in my teens and I always thought that Robert Preston was gay. Now I realize that he was just a great actor who was in touch with – and was not afraid of – his feminine side. 2. He has an amazing knack for bantering. There is so much dialogue in the first clip that he has to sing and speak, and he doesn't miss a beat. 3. I never saw him in a role where he wasn't convincing. I just rewatched a bit of one
  2. 1. Gypsy seems to look back as it embraces the traditional model of the Hollywood musical. At the same time, it embraces some very adult material, and in that respect, it's definitely looking ahead. 2. Rosalind Russell is letter-perfect as Mama Rose – the original, terrible stage mother. At the start of the film you laugh along with her antics. Later, you can't stand her and you're rooting for Louise to break free and get away from her. And by the end, you feel pity for her because she has nothing left (even though her misery is entirely of her own making). Honestly, I think Rosalind
  3. 1. "Battle" is a pretty broad term for what we're seeing in this clip. This is a lot more playful, so the so-called battle is a lot more subtle. As some have said, yes, Ginger is largely following Fred's lead. But there are little moments where she inserts her own steps into the routine, separate from what Fred is doing. The biggest, most obvious gender-bending twist is Ginger's manly garb, as well as a more manly swagger in some of her moves. 2. Only five years into movie musicals, there is a lot more polish in "Top Hat" than what we saw in "Broadway Melody" or "Hallelujah!" This scene,
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