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  1. Spoiler: Not if I keep looking to TCM for it. For the second time in a few months, TCM has posted an on-demand version of The Blue Angel that cuts off abruptly after less than an hour. Twice now I've been through this. And since I have no illusions that posting here will fix anything, can someone remind me why I'm paying for TCM instead of Netflix? Because I honestly can't think of a good reason right now. What on earth is the point of paying for partial movies?!?
  2. I'm so mad that I just created an account. Didn't even know TCM had forums, but I found this thread while Googling to figure out why I suddenly can't just watch a stupid movie. Thank you to Stephan55 and joe paluka for already stating a lot of what I would've said. I'll just add: Helloooo, TCM? Did you consider my scenario? I use on-demand EXCLUSIVELY on my work laptop because the screen is significantly larger. I do not care to share my personal activities with my employer, even though the occasions when I knock off work for an hour or two in favor of a movie are very rare and I hi
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