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  1. Thank you for posting this, Suzy-Q. This explains everything. I would have loved to see the film before the cuts as you were able to do. I recorded the movie, so I will go back and watch the whole thing. I do think that if TCM shows it again, it would be extremely helpful for them to mention this before it is aired.
  2. I watched this movie last night, and also heard the tidbits before the film that gives insight and backstory to the making of the film. I loved this movie so much, especially Judy singing her signature song, " The Man that Got Away". I was stunned when all of a sudden a black and white still picture came on the screen with audio playing. After a short while, the movie continued, only to frequently go back to still pictures. I couldn't believe that the movies was edited and shown this way. I searched google about it, and someone said that parts of the film were accidentally edited out because of run time. The film should be shown as is, without trying to insert still pictures to try and capture those parts, that weren't even important to the story. I don't understand why that wasn't mentioned in the talk before the movie was aired- that was important information to know so that you would be expecting that and not be completely blindsided. I lost interest in following the movie, that just ruined it for me. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
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