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  1. I meant to post this under the mad about musicals topic but it somehow ended up under general discussion. I don't think it is a question for philosophical debate, but thank you for chiming in
  2. I went to the sound of music a few years ago and I recently saw the producers. Even though I have seen these movies over and over again I always enjoy seeing them on the big screen with an audience. It is a completely different experience as opposed to watching them on tv or DVD. I enjoy the interactive quality being in a theater brings to the movie watching experince.
  3. Does anyone have anything to say regarding The Greatest Showman? I loved it but I would like to know if you think it is a musical, according to what we have learned about musicals in the mad about musicals course. In my opinion it is a musical because the songs are a part of the story development and the dancing is exceptional. Anyone out there want to weigh in on this?
  4. Treec


    1776 is one of my favorite musicals. Thank you for discussing it. I was first introduced to it at the tcm film festival a few years ago and was privileged to see an interview with william daniels and ken howard before the screening. What a treat! Just wanted to throw out a fun bit of trivia that was brought up in that interview. The fountain outside that John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Richard Henry Lee dance around later becomes the fountain that the cast of friends dance around during the opening credits of that show. It just goes to show you that the beat really does go on.
  5. I am enjoying the mad about musicals course, but I have one question. How come no one has made any mention of Rogers and Hammerstein? They wrote some of the greatest musicals ever, which were made into some of the greatest movies ever, but I haven't heard or read one word about them. Did I miss something or are you saving them for last. Chronologically they should have already been mentioned, yes? Just wondering.
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