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  1. I remembered 2 more strange musical moments! In Broadway Melody of 1940, who in the world is singing "Begin The Beguine". She sounds so weird. (btw what is a Beguine?). The other is in Summer Stock when Gene Kelly and Phil Silvers dance to and sing (just guessing the title) "Its a beautiful Music". Its funny but it was strange especially the outfits with those big huge feet.
  2. Yeah that was her name thanks. Yeah that wavy black & white floor thing in Yolanda in the Thief was strange. Also i totally agree with you and the Ol' Man River number. His hair was very....different. also, i don't know why, but i find Frank Sinatra saying "He don't plant taters.." strange and funny
  3. the "Limehouse Blues" number in Ziegfeld Follies. With Fred Astaire and Lauren (something i can never remember her name sorry). Its just weird, I mean first Astaire walks around in that number like his shoes are too tight and then when they have a close up on his face he looks soooooooo scary with his eyes all taped back to look oriental. The dance in that number is sorta odd too. And then its all depressing and stuff at the end.
  4. alright, decotodd, Ill try to watch it. Ill prob have to rent it tho i dont think im getting up at 4:00 am on Friday.
  5. im not sure if im the only one who thinks this but i thought that The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle was the worst musical ever. I love the Astaire/Rodgers movies but that was just stupid. Also it mad Fred and Ginger look like the biggest idiots ever and i think that its supposed to be sad at the end but they didnt really achieve that.
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