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  1. All four Marx Brothers sing "All Gods Chillun Got Guns" In the big production number spoof right before the war scene in "Duck Soup". I liked "Room Service" as well the only thing I didnt like was that 99.9% of the movie was spent in that one room.
  2. lol Bhf thanks for the Crosby section lol. (also the Tim Gunn quote lol I thought I was the only one who watched that!) I think someone asked which movies Harpo didnt play the harp and I don't think anyone completely answered. Harpo didnt play the harp in Duck Soup or Room Service. I also think Groucho should have played the guitar more often, Harpo and Chico arnt the only ones who play an instrumunt! I guess Groucho thought it was stupid or something like that. That's why he played it in "Horse Feathers" to show his brothers how stupid they looked (I'm sure he was the only one with that
  3. Personally my favorite is "Duck Soup" and then "At the Circus". The "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady" number is just too funny. First thing that caught my attention and surprised me in "Room Service" was that little 30 sec. of it being dramatic and sad. Its weird seeing Groucho sad like that (they achieved what MGM wanted, "sypmethetic figures". I couldnt help but say "awwww" lol) I liked the difference, as long as it only lasts 30 sec. lol. All the MGM movies had a little bit of drama but it was always very quickly shattered by a joke.
  4. Do they cover Musical actors and Comedy actors as well? or is it just straight dramatic actors? If they do I might consider it.
  5. Terrence, I understand about her not having to be a wonderful actress, and to look at it as a musical. But I'm not expecting picture, perfect acting. But I still love Cyd Charisse, Rita Hayworth, Eleanor Powell, and Ann Miller and they weren't picture perfect actresses (well I guess Rita Hayworth was a great actress but I've never seen her in a dramatic part). I just think they should be able to act a little bit. A Vera-Ellen just bugs me for some reason. (sorry for all my typos in that last post, I was in a hurry and didnt spell check lol)
  6. I definitely think Groucho Marx is the best at one liners, or even monologs. And for the Girls, Myrna Loy for sure.
  7. I've heard they are making a movie biography on Fred Astaire, with the winner of "So you think you can dance" playing him (Benji Shwimmer). I have to say I cant wait, but Fred stated in his will that he didnt want a movie made about him. I don't know how they will work around that.
  8. Oh I know I love that cd!!!!!! A definite must have! I think my favorite film of his is "Going Hollywood" (for young Bing) and "High Society" (older Bing)......................................lol just realised those were both MGM films, what a coincidence that of all the movies he made I happen to pick two of the very few he made at MGM. but I also love the "Road to...." pictures.
  9. I recently turned 13 and my favorites are definitely Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, William Powell, Cyd Charisse, The Marx Brothers and many others, mostly in musicals. Unlike most young fans, I didn't grow up watching them and instead discovered them on my own, about a year and a half ago, when I happened to flip to TCM while they just started showing "The Bandwagon". I was hooked. I immediately watched every Fred Astaire movie i could find at the rental stores and read his biography. Since then Gene Kelly and Bing Crosby have pushed Fred down to number 3 on my list but i still lo
  10. Yeah me to, but this time play some rarer films of the two instead of the ones everyone has seen. I wish TCM would play "Deep in my Heart" I cant seem to find that anywhere and that's the only Gene Kelly musical I haven't seen. (besides Xanadu which i have the option of watching anytime..........but I'm afraid to) I also wish TCM would play "The Sky's the Limit"
  11. Actually his ears were taped back in most of his early films. I missed the first 45 minutes or so of this movie, and regret it. From what I saw, I thought it was a great film and I found Crosby's part and singing to be great. Unfortunately, I thought Gracie Allen was completely annoying in this film. I looked for a DVD of it on dvduniverse.com but they said they couldnt find any results. Is the film out on dvd without the Carol Lumbard box set?
  12. I find Cyd Charisse to be one of the most talented and beautiful dancers I've ever seen. And personally I don't care to much for her dances with Fred Astaire, but her dances with Gene Kelly are my favorite dances of all time, that may just be because Gene and Cyd looked better together (besides the facts she was taller than him) and Fred Astaire isent a ballet dancer (I'm not saying Gene Kelly was completely a ballet dancer either, he has his own style of ballet) and I rather see Cyd do ballet than......whatever you would call the number in Silk Stockings (not saying its bad I still liked it,
  13. Yeah, every time the August schedule is up the first place I look is the 23! My favorite movie of all time is For Me and My Gal, but when choosing my favorite Kelly film that wouldnt ever be near first because the only solo dance he does in that film is probably the worst Kelly number in history (keyword "Kelly" number because I still like it but not as a Gene Kelly dance) My favorite movie is probably Cover Girl, only I wish he did a solo tap routine. My favorite Kelly dance is definitely the "Broadway Melody" number from Singin' in the Rain but "Slaughter on 10th Avenue" runs a close 2nd ( a
  14. Yeah the first thing that came to mind when i thought of depressing musical numbers was Slaughter on 10th Avenue (but Words and Music wasnt completely light and cheery) and The Limehouse Blues number. Even though Slaughter on 10th Avenue is depressing it is one of my favorite dances and I think one of Kelly's finest. Another sad number is Lets Face the Music and Dance (Fallow the Fleet). Where a broke Fred Astaire is going to commit suicide by shooting himself when he sees Ginger Rodgers about to kill herself by jumping into the water. He saves her and sings about how they should dance now
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