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  1. I read about the Sinatra party incident, too. Accounts on Clift's sexual orientation have differed, but there are quite a few people (including his brother) who said he had male lovers. The solicitation event I am commenting on is one in which he asked a young underage boy. As for the Crawford photos, there were similar "shady" pictures of James Dean and Rudolph Valentino.
  2. Clift, to me, is underappreciated in the cultural sense. A lot of average folks do not know who Montgomery Clift is. James Dean? Yes. Liz Taylor? Yes. Charlton Heston? Yes. Film nuts know who he is and the cinema elite do, of course. But Clift's image and status in the common eye is neglected. I did not like Bosworth's book on him and am disappointed by the lack of other written works on him.
  3. A lot of big Thirties stars had bit parts in Twenties silents. The first Ben-hur is my second favorite silent picture; the first is The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  4. I read in Patricia Bosworth's Clift bio that studio management helped cover up an incident involving Clift trying to solicit sex from a minor in the late 1940s. I have only read that in Bosworth's book; but in her defense, ther eis not a lot of written material on Clift out there. I don't know if Bosworth's claim is true or just tabloid junk, but maybe some Clift fans out there can give a proper answer. There was another reference to Joan Crawford and a claim that studio execs stopped the distrbution of a pornographic film Crawford had done in the 1920s. Message was edited by:
  5. I am referring to Clift's historical status. Clift is often overlooked by the likes of lesser actors from the time. Clift had an important place in movie history. I am interested in more resources on Clift and his stage career, too.
  6. I wish there was more shown on Clift on TCM. Besides A Place in the Sun and From Here to Eternity, Clift has had an excellent library of credits with him. Clift was an extraordinary (and tortured) actor who deserves a lot more that what is available on him. Anyone know of good Clift resources? I read Patricia Bosworth's biography on him and was disappointed on how it glossed over important details on Clift's life.
  7. Anime has an important place in not just world animation, but cinema itself. "Japanimation" has as many important works in the past quarter-century as America animation. Akira gave birth to the Japanese "cyber punk" scene in the 1980s and '90s. I feel that if TCM showed Akira or a similar anime (Iria, Ghost in the Shell), TCM's conservative viewers used to Golden and Platinum Age works would be upset and I can see why.
  8. I dislike remakes, but I happened to enjoy this one. The movie had a lot of focus on the emotional bonds between Kong an Ann Darrow. There action was intense and there was so much to be seen on the island. I loathe big-budget flicks of today, but King Kong is a nice exception. A much better picture than the musical adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. (Lon Chaney's 1920s classic the finest you'll find from that.)
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