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  1. The Lubitsch touch here moves into a new realm of cinematography, moving away from flat, simplistic shots to an array of CUs, creating tension from a sexual and thriller perspective, as well as drawing the viewers attention to key items in a scene that hold significant importance. As the dialogue isn't completely in English, the audience is left to draw their own conclusions from SFX and strategic staging of props and visuals. From Alfred's facial expressions, we are able to conclude he is somewhat sly and promiscuous - the multiple garters and fake pistols. He's calm and collective - this isn
  2. In the first scene, the flirtatious nature of the man is ignored. At first, the conclusion could be drawn being upfront and aggressive isn't tolerated at this time, but near the end of the clip, multiple other names are used within the song. This changes perception, illustrating aggressive nature is prevalent during this time; however, it's not accepted by the main actress. This idea is directly reflected in the second clip as well. The performance and signing is only noticed when the performance is sexualized. And for a reward, the audience gives applause and throws money at the entertainer.
  3. 1. The clip does have a brighter perspective than what might be reality, from both a visual standpoint and within tonality. Visually, you notice lighting isn't necessarily realistic. There aren't any shadows or nods to natural light. Everything is bright, from set design, to wardrobe to lighting. Second, the inflections in the main actress's voice portrays a very optimistic, romanticized view on life in general. There's no doubt in her voice. No contemplation, but rather, forward thinking married with positivity. 2. Themes would seem to be very upbeat, positive and forward thinking. Enter
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