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  1. Haven't read any comments yet. Been having internet issues so I didn't catch the whole movie. I went ahead an bought it since it is one of two Greenstreet Lorre pictures I don't have yet. Hopefully I will see the whole thing by the end of the week.
  2. The more details are depressing. Just know that it is not fun to be out with such a woman and watch her rub her **** on literally every person on a dance floor, but you for hours. Well briefly you, but only briefly. The rest of the time she tried to get rid of you. Until she needed you again for a ride. And again later when she needed you to possibly bail her out of jail. That is the briefest outline of what happened. (This is a basic outline of Looney's entire life experience.) Oooo TCM Edit. How about "booty" TCM?
  3. So I was scanning what I have missed in the passed several weeks and saw this, but never saw that laffite was given and answer and I didn't answer sooooo. LOL When I originally signed up for Sling there was a $20 package, so with TCM it would have been $25. There was also a $25 package - which I have-, with TCM $30. Of course I don't know what their current pricing is, but I probably should. (Note I did go looking from pricing and what I found says the pricing is as I stated, but that wasn't actually on Sling's site so I don't know if it is still accurate.) THIS GUN FOR HIRE (1942) -
  4. Do you know the reasons the Programs were canceled? I am too lazy to look it up myself.
  5. Okay so just to add to what I already started. I can't really justify even a dollar a day for a streaming service just to access TCM. I am already paying for, HULUPLUS, Netflix Streaming AND DVD service, Amazon Prime, MLBTV, on top of $30 a month for Sling. That is also why all of the options people have given me are not panning out so far. They are even more expensive than Sling and for instance Hulu Live doesn't have any sports. Like I said, it isn't just me watching. If it were just me I wouldn't worry about the sports and put the MLB money into Sling. LOL CLASH BY NIGHT (1952)
  6. REALLY?! I already have HULU, but I've never seen any mention. I will investigate immediately. THANKS and thanks Dr. Somnabula for the Cord Cutters link. 👍
  7. Saw it Thursday evening. It was exactly what I expected. Did NOT care for it, but I would LOVE to see them try to spin a Batman Sequel out of this and with a ninety three million dollar opening weekend I'm sure they might try. I can't see LEAF Phoenix's Joker being much of a foil for any incarnation of Batman. I gotta say that I do have a problem with them pointing to him being seriously mentally ill, but I am glad that he knew it. Would I ever sit through this again. NOPE. And honestly I think with Phoenix's acting chops this could have been better. I blame Todd Phillips. He should no
  8. TRAPPED (1949) I really enjoyed it. I admit that Bridges disappearance does create a shift, but I also see it as an interesting twist - at least structurally. I admit that the having Sylvester (James Todd) be the vanquished villain was lacking, but it was still a decent idea for an On-The-Fly turn of events due to Bridges' illness. I have to admit that my favorite part of the film, and the aspect that may lead to me purchasing this little gem, was John Hoyt. His performance was good, but just the fact that he was playing against his typecasting thrilled me. LOL OKAY TCM FA
  9. THE HARDER THEY FALL (1956) I admit I have seen this one a few times. Predictable, but WOW that is a hell of a movie. The acting is so fabulous and I LOVE so many of those pretty pictures of the cities. The script is fantastic. I do understand how some could get bored with the subject matter, but it is just so well done. So many things one could discuss, but I think one of the most unique things about this movie is the scene where Nick (Steiger) tries to get Beth (Sterling) to play ball. Most of the rest of the movie is following a pretty well formulated and predictable structure.
  10. Prejudice. It was basically a re-reading of the movie script with some slight alterations. Another change I remember was Steve Brodie was not Floyd Bowers. Bowers was voiced by someone else.
  11. I don't know if the hour long SUSPENSE CROSSFIRE is better than the movie, but I also don't know how you could tell. I can't believe how much of what is in the movie made it into the radio program. It seemed like almost everything was the same. One place I noticed seemed a bit more rushed was when Montgomery kills Floyd. If I remember correctly there was more dialogue in the movie before the actual act. I'm sure there was more abbreviation than that in the SUSPENSE play, but that is the only thing I can remember off the top of my head. It was excellent.
  12. Thanks to some internet issues I was unable to watch NOCTURN (1946) when it aired on NOIR ALLEY last weekend. I watched it Friday night, here were my thoughts. NOCTURN (1946) Tonight I learned I am NOT a George Raft fan. I guess this movie just rubbed me the wrong way, especially Raft. I saw no glimmer of talent in him, though I assume there must be – or at least he can dance. LOL The rest of the cast was really good, but Raft just blah. My other big issues would be some of the logic involved. I feel there was no indication that Joe was acting differently as a detective than h
  13. For those who follow such things, after Saturday night I put this Blu-Ray on my wishlist and yesterday I noticed Amazon dropped the price from $39.99 to . . . . https://www.amazon.com/Big-Clock-Blu-ray-Ray-Milland/dp/B07NHPLHTG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=the+big+clock&qid=1568226329&s=gateway&sr=8-4 . . . . so yeah I immediately made that purchase. Thought everyone should know because that is a great movie. The DVD price isn't too bad either.
  14. THE BIG CLOCK (1948) All I needed to hear was Charles Laughton and I knew I was in for a treat, but then add Elsa Lanchester and there is pretty much no way I was falling asleep last night. What and "absolute treat" indeed. I loved it start to finish. The only way it could have been better was more Laughton and Lanchester. And mysterious Henry (Harry) Morgan was great too, but I wish there had been a bit more to his character. And I love seeing Philip Van Zandt in anything. Not only do I enjoy his work, but I immediately think of The Three Stooges. That is probably not something Mr
  15. You say that as if I am not worthy. I will certainly admit that I have not seen enough Noir and I claim no expertise. For some reason the only thing that stands out where Andrews really impressed me was THE OX-BOW INCIDENT (1942). It is true, though, I've only seen a handful of Andrew's films. And in my humble defense of not seeing enough Noir or Andrews films, I pretty much watch everything. I am only lacking in the Noir category because there are FAR too many categories to cover. The only reason I post so much here is because Noir Alley has become a TCM event I can usually f
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