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  1. Thanks Kyle in Hollywood; You've already helped by telling me about the toolbar. Guess my eyes just don't go up that far. I didn't see the toolbar as my Epson printer has put a print toolbar just below it, and I tend to stop there. I did change to the smallest print and got 22 pages. Thanks again for the heads up. Lorraine in Westbank (Canada - not the middle east)
  2. THANKS TCM. This looks much better. It seems like most of the features people have been asking for have been included in the revamping. It's great!. Only thing left is a little more tweaking of the printable schedule - still 38 pages for March. I just recevied a couple of reminders several days ahead, which I like much better than just 24 hours. Anyway, thanks for listening.
  3. Thanks TCM. I appreciate that all of this takes time, and I for one (of many I'm sure) am very happy that you will be adding back some of the old features . However, someone else mentioned this and it has now happened to me. I set a reminder for a program about a month ago. The movie started at 3:00 am PST, I got two reminders on the day of the movie (sent at 1:00 am) so by the time I got to my e-mail, the movie had long finished, and is now not on the schedule, so I've missed it completely. PLEASE, PLEASE look into this problem. Looking forward to an awesome site when all mo
  4. Sorry folks, I don't know why but the link works from the preview, but when I post the message, it leaves off the last part of the link which is a "&". I'm adding it in once more, but if it doesn't work, do a search in General Discussions for "New Look to Schedule" it has about 6 pages of comments and replies from TCM. http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7768194&
  5. I don't know why that link didn't work but try this one: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7768194?
  6. If you've read the all comments here and on this thread: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7768194?, you'd know that they are working on reformatting the monthly schedule to make it more printer friendly, as well as adding in the other time zones. At least they are listening. There are probably things that they can't or won't do as they feel the new format is an improvement over the old. Can't say I agree with all of it either, but if you've ever looked at the website for Movie Central (not sure if this is just Canada-or if it's in the US as well) bu
  7. Did you physically check this out Izcutter? As far as I could see, there were no listings yet for February or March. The only one updated so far, I believe, is January.
  8. Wrangler - I don't know where you're looking, but if you're viewing the Canadian schedule, just click on this month and it's all there. It appears in a new window.
  9. > but there is no legend to help interpret the symbols used. Just hold your mouse pointer over the symbol - all will become clear.
  10. You're welcome TCM web. Do hope you get the Canadian schedule for January up soon. So far, there is only one item listed there. Looking forward to the day when all the "bugs" in the new site design are fixed. Happy New Year to you and all the crew. PS: The PST times still need to be adjusted in the "Tonight on Turner Classic Movies) box below the schedule.
  11. Hey everyone, read the thread here: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=74522&tstart=45 They are working on the problems (they say)
  12. Hey everyone, read the thread here: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=74522&tstart=45 They are working on the problems (they say)
  13. > As for a week view - look right above the film listings for > the day and you will see a 'week' link next to a > 'day' link - this will change your view from a day to > a week, and vice versa. Hi Tcmweb; I am aware of the "week/day" link. That's how I found the weekly listing. What I'm saying is - how do I get the next week? Do I have to back to the daily view and choose a day that falls in the following week? It would be so much simpler if there were links to weeks like the ones already there (this month, next month, month after). Also, It would also be very ni
  14. Hi; I'm new to the forum (just had to join up to express my opinion of the new format) which is mostly negative. I like the ability to see a week at a time, but how do you get to the next week? There's no link. The times really need work at the bottom of the daily schedule where you show a few of the movies that are on "tonight" as they are very much out of whack . (I know you're working on the time zone issue) Another real problem (at least for us Canadians) is the link "view Canadian Schedule". How does one tell which schedule you're looking at. The link should toggle to s
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