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  1. Yes, looked up photo....that is him. First time I ever saw was amazed. Then when I saw clip of him saying how I'll it made him...I understood. Because of metabolics.
  2. If it comes back should have better talking heads. Alex Baldwin ....there is public evidence that he verbally abused a child. If we go into the me too issues....David Letterman took advantage of his position and had sexual affairs with the women that worked for him. These are not two social angels. Keeping them means TEN condones this type of activity and abuse by men against women.
  3. I am with others about the ad nausem expressiveness that TOM has started. Seeing the same movie several times a month and then to do the same two months later....I think management has gotten lazy. I too do not like the intro people besides Mankowitz. Sorry if I mispelled. They hired the young lady last fall finally groomed her and let her go. She actually cared it seemed. The new young man and British lady are taking heads. And when Alex Baldwin was on....come home a person that verbally abused his child being glorified in TV....Not cool TXM. I am mostly bed ridden and don't watch reality, infomercials, and other crud. So I have watched TCM for many years. No I cannot afford to join fancy clubs and really wonder about your backlit members you say are influencing the progra mming. If all this repetativeness is because of them.....God help us that they can't enjoy variety. And yes this must be the year of Betty Davis...even maggots are gagging at how many times a month she is served. Who at TCM has it on for MS Davis?S I get it we have to have themes, stars of month, 31 days of Oscars, now we had musicals and more musicals, repetition of Tarzan movies on Saturday and other days of week. have you sold it lost some of your movie catalogue so that is why we are suffering? Granted you are not as bad as AND that plays the same morning movie over for months at a time. Am so tired of seeing the listing of the talking baby. because of costs i am considering giving you up. I love the classics and doing research on actors. But I am wondering what your true mission is anymore.
  4. Saw clip yesterday about MGM. One of actors discussed the scene and song where he did all the hips and jumps. Dani were counted and at least 4000 in 4 days afterwards went to hospital and bedridden a year. Who was the dancer, son, and movie. Was it Rall?
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