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  1. Dear Mary Pickford fan! Thank you for your wonderful response to my post. I am sorry that I missed the airing of "The Love Light". May I ask please, what would you consider the best, or the most truthful of all the Pickford biographies? BTW, did you happen to see the documentary, "Fragments", which TCM aired a few weeks ago? It was 1 1/2 hours of some one reelers and some even less than, of silent films that, regrettable, are lost forever. First the nitrate flms gave way to the acetate. Even some of those are damaged beyond repair. So sad.
  2. Juanaquena, You may wish to make a request from TCM that they air this show once again. It is really worth a second look! You can contact the two gents who hosted the documentary to see if, indeed, there is a DVD in the works. Perhaps, with more interest, this could be a possibility.
  3. I hope that you silent screen fans had the opportunity to watch this wonderful program, yet sad at how much cinema's early history is gone forever. So many silent and early talkies or just one reelers/several frames of movies, are no longer with us, due to the nitrate film disintegration. It was a very interesting 1 1/2 hour program; I'm certain that there must be enough classic titles to have many hours or dialog on those films that we no longer have. Fire & negligence were also responsible for the losses. The early talkies, sound and photography, were two, separate entities, the voi
  4. I love all of the sci-fi movies from the 1950's. I believe that this feeling is due to not only living in that epoch, but having gone to the movies to see them. I grew up in Newark [yup, that one] and we had a neighborhood theater with a very large screen. The place had over 250 seats. Get in your seat when all the lights went out and you knew you were in for a real treat. Anticipation for the main feature grew as you watched the Popeye cartoons and the Bugs bunny sci-fi themed cartoons. I watch "THEM" 60 years later and I still get the tightness in my stomach. The "screetching" sound tha
  5. Was Michel Rennie the first choice for the lead role?
  6. For me? Thelma Todd; hands down. More so, as she entered the talkies. Every time I drive past her Sidewalk Cafe, 17535 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades I sigh a little bit...so sad.
  7. Clarklk...have you read her autobiography, "Swanson on Swanson"? It's an engaging book, all 500+ pages. She is not very kind to Wallace Berry, who was not a very good husband to her. But there are thoughts, reminiscences and names to, well, fill a book. Her recollection at the age of 81 is remarkable. So many of her films are noted; reading about the directors, fellow actors, friends and crew while making the films, makes for a great read. Highly recommended!
  8. I am particularly fond of Fatty Arbuckle's "Coney Island" [1917], which also includes Buster Keaton. I'm from that area and loved seeing the old amusement parks, i.e., Luna Park, Steeplechase, etc. I have the movie on DVD and watch it over-and-over.
  9. Hello Everyone, In the 1970's and early 80's in San Diego, there was a movie/theater critic by the name of Lawrence Gross on one of the local t.v. channels. He used to make reference to, and recommend to viewers, to occasionally look at the background that was going by, while viewing a movie. This goes double for the silents! Been watching the above mentioned movies these past few days and have been, indeed, watching a very nostalgic view of Los Angeles in some of the movies being aired on TCM. "Safety Last" and "Girl Shy" seemed to have the most of Los Angeles/Culver City streets an
  10. Hi Carolelover! Your thread is almost 3 1/2 years old, but I'm responding to it anyway. I didn't know that Sally Field's mom was in the movie! You probably knew this already...Margaret Field.
  11. What? No one mentioned "KRONOS"? Aww, c'mom folks you're killing me here. ;-/
  12. Used book stores, especially those with used DVD sections are a great place to finds treasures. If you live in N.Y.C., you know what I am referring to. I happened to find an unopened copy of a DVD on the life of director George Steven's, produced by his son, entitled, "George Stevens A Filmmakers Life."A wonderful DVD if you haven't yet seen it. One of the movies depicted in the DVD was, "A Place In The Sun". After seeing just a few brief clips of the movie, I knew I had to see it. NO! I had never seen the movie before. I found a very good used copy of the Stevens movie and cannot wait to
  13. Hello Everyone! I was a member a loooong time ago, but have never stopped watching TCM. It's one of the very few cable channels I have any use for. I just purchased a DVD of a PBS "American Experience" episode entitled, "Mary Pickford". It is quite a remarkable show and I believe that it is available to stream via the PBS website. However, I got the impression by watching the DVD [almost 90 minutes in length] that Ms. Pickford's life was less than a joyous one. Yet, having read both of small books that she wrote in 1935 [My Rendezvous With Life, Why Not Try God], the story of Ms. Pic
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