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  1. Good try. No I have that movie. It's not it. This woman killed her brother for the inheritance of her dad. If i remember right she messed with the brakes in her brother's car. He definitely is dead but this detective shows up knowing even intimate details about the dead brother and the woman who is the sister. He eerily seems to be the brother. She knows better since she killed her brother but everyone else (an uncle mainly) in the movie believe the detective is the brother and it appears the viewer that he is and that the woman is crazy. The ending where she confesses catches you
  2. There is a classic movie about a lady living in possibly Spain. A man shows up and claims to be her dead brother who it is believed died in a car accident. She continually seems baffled and insists he is not her brother. Turns out she knows for a fact that he can't be her brother because she murdered her brother. The man is a detective and it is a setup to get her to confess. For the life of me I can't remember who is in the movie or the title. Do you know?
  3. Since TCM has updated their website I can't find the scheduled upcoming movies for a particular actor. For example previously I could goto the filmography page for Gary Cooper and it would show at the top the upcoming scheduled movies for him. Have any of you seen a way to do this now? Sorry, if I am overlooking it but I can't seem to find this information. Thank you.
  4. I recently stumbled on a classic movie that was (according to the description) about a world war 2 escape that took place in the same barracks that "The Great Escape" occurred. I thought I kept track of this title but now I cannot locate it. I don't remember much else and hope someone knows what movie this might be? Thanks!
  5. I wasn't trying to start anything controversial with my inclusions or omissions on my list. Many of the movies brought up in this thread I just didn't know about. Some movies are omitted simply because we just didn't find them enjoyable or entertaining. I was just looking for family friendly classic films (Island on Bird Street being the exception because it tells a child friendly holocaust story). I am a woman and as such not against them, LOL. I overlooked the Diary of Anne Frank and didn't know about the others. I wasn't trying to be a completest just share a list that I spent a lot of
  6. I posted awhile back about making a list of classic films that cover historical aspects of World War 2. This is my final (well final for now) list which I have posted on my blog (which is usually booklists for homeschool families). I thought I would share here though as someone might be interested. https://readingvoyages.blogspot.com/2019/11/viewing-world-war-2-through-classic.html
  7. Don't really have a cut off year, per se. We are watching all of these with our homeschooled 13 year old son as he studies WW2 this year for school. Doesn't hurt that his dad and I highly enjoy the topic and the movies. I've thought about doing this for a long time and finally decided now was a good time. Struggling with where to put Macarthur, Into the Storm, Counterfeit Traitor, Colditz Story and Password is Courage. I've seen all of these but can't remember enough about them to now what time they "mostly" take place since they are more broad in scope. Most of the ones that are bro
  8. Love the suggestions. I have Five Graves to Cairo and didn't think to put it on the list, as well Sahara and Action in the North Atlantic. This is what happens when you have t0o many movies. I have them all in the list but a few (marked with AMazon or ? because I need to obtain them before we watch them all) I really like 5 Graves and Sahara. Can't remember what I thought of Action in the North Atlantic. Thanks. I will add some of these and look for those that are new to me.
  9. Thank you. I knew there were movies out there I needed to add to this!
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I will check into those!
  11. I made a list of classic world war 2 movies chronologically for my family to watch. Most of these I have seen but a few are new to me. My basic criteria for the list is that each movie covers either a true event from the war or shows something unique or historical (homefront, holocaust, espionage, etc) about the time period. I am ok with fictional story/characters if it is showing something historically significant. For example, The Flying Tigers, although mostly fictionalized story and characters shows the American volunteer group that was formed to fight with China before the US entered t
  12. Hadn't thought of the library. I have a very small not but a large network. Might be a good source! Thanks for all the responses. Very helpful.
  13. From time to time we will pick an actor/actress and using their filmography on imdb watch all (or most of all) of their movies in chronological order. We decided to Richard Widmark next. I own hundreds of classic movies, have recorded hundreds more over the years and use TCM to catch different ones from time to time. I was surprised to find I only own 11 Widmark movies. In looking at the first 13 of his movies starting with 1947 Kiss of Death I was disappointed to find how few of them are available to stream, rent or watch on TCM. Checking their times shown and frequency on TCM was disapp
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