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  1. Top - What I'm hearing with all your pendantry is someone who essentially thinks the BOOK is a horrible bit of racist effluvia. If it's not a "proper epic about overcoming," then your issue is with Margaret Mitchell, not with Selznick or SIP The book is the book. Is is NOT about slaves overcoming their slavery. That's not the book she wrote. You have to come to terms with that! Finally, let me say this; "Lighten up, Francis."
  2. Diving in the deep end here, with a few random thoughts. TCM is now run by a huge media conglomerate. All such organizations are under intense pressure to respond to shifting culture standards, which is, at the end of the day, a good thing for us all. Some of it they will do well, and other times it is ham-handed and overwrought. To my mind, TCM is being used to help quell and deflect pressure that must be coming down hard on Warners/AT&T at this time. I think that because TCM is not really a mainstream network (to most of the viewing population) they are using it to address issues
  3. Just a quick note that TCM's message board anti-nasty word algo apparently is not letting the name of my series resolve to its real name, but I think you can figure it out. Boston Blackee..... (and I'm not sure this will pass muster, either.
  4. TCM Programming Schedule Challenge #44 Week of September 25 – October 1, 2022 Sunday, September 25 A Salute to Samuel Fuller 6 AM Park Row (1952) Gene Evans & Mary Welch. Dir: Samuel Fuller. Samuel Fuller Prod. UA, 82 min. p/s 7:30 AM I Shot Jesse James (1949) Preston Foster & Barbara Britton. Dir: Samuel Fuller. UNIV, 81 min. p/s 9 AM Falkenau, The Impossible (1988) Documentary. Dir: Samuel Fuller/Emil Weiss. Michklan World Productions, 52 min. Premiere #1 10 AM Pick-Up on South Street (1953) Richard Widmark & Jean Peters. Dir: Samuel
  5. Overeasy’s Schedule -- Challenge #44: “Battle of the B’s” Week of September 25 – Oct. 1, 2022 SOTM: Edmond O’Brien TCM Spotlight: Gas, Food & Lodging Silent Sunday Night: Pandora’s Box (1929) TCM Imports: The 400 Blows (1959) and The Magician (1958) TCM Underground: The Dark Background (1991) & Living in Oblivion (1995) The Essential: Baby Face (1933) Noir Alley: Pick-Up on South Street (1953) SUN. & The Reckless Moment (1949) SAT. Challenge #1: Warner Brothers B Movies Challenge #2: Best Movie Bad Guys (And They’
  6. In her younger performances she is a is a bit more controlled, but across the board I find Hopkins grating and annoying. I can't really explain it; she just doesn't appeal and she seems too self-aware, as if she is trying too hard.
  7. Here's a secret I don't just tell everyone! In my younger days I did promotion for an independent TV station. It was a fun job, and I really got a chance to see a ton of what we then called, "old movies." A lot of it was great, but there was a ton of junk, too. FOOD OF THE GODS was one of the later! And I remember doing a promo for this very movie, in which I used a snippet of dialogue that stays with me to this day; "Just don't let no rats eat us!" That film is crazy bad!
  8. Yes, this is true. Most producers and directors of TV spots know that the product can't be phony. But the food stylists do their best to take what might be a mushy, gray burger and make it looks scrumptious! Even hot food fades quickly. Years ago on a commercial for a pizza chain, we had to have an oven on the set, so that we could have one pie ready as soon as the "hero" started to look greasy and the pepperoni started to curl up. It happens fast. A friend of mine who was working on a spot told me about a model who, while refusing to eat anything at the craft service table (she was
  9. Just an update. I finished watching this tonight. It didn't change my overall sense of the film, though the final reel does seem a bit more focused. One thing I didn't mention initially was the muddled sound. It had the sense of an Altman film, with all the overlapping dialog. I swear I only caught maybe 75% of Oldman's ramblings. The structure of the film, if it was meant to mimic Kane, simple didn't. Kane, while it had flashbacks, was easy to follow. This was not. Every time a scene shifted, I had to ask myself, "Where am I?" In the past? In the current day? It is technique for th
  10. Pittsburgh film making got a real shot in the arm at one point when a trade union went on strike. Lots of stuff that might have been shot in NYC, ended up using Pgh as an urban stand-in. That. in turn, helped a lot of local crew people to learn their craft and it's been pretty strong (on and off) ever since. This list includes TV stuff, but it's fairly complete. https://www.pghfilm.org/screening-room/pittsburgh-filmography/
  11. Ugh. Finally streamed this tonight. What a complete and utter dud. Hard to express how truly terrible this film is. TikiSoo pretty much sums up my response as well. Fincher got almost nothing right here. The narrative is mangled and unsure and flat. And for ANYONE who doesn't know even a minor bit of the history of Kane and Mank and Thalberg, I can't imagine for a minute that they would have any interest in this story. I bailed out before the end, unable to spend anymore time with this wasted effort. Even "Hollywood" for all its flaws, at least had a bit of panache, while this had nothi
  12. A friend of mine was A Camera on this film, which was actually shot in black and white, not just shot in color and then having the saturation drained out. It was a specially built RED camera that should render superior black and white images more like what we classic film fans are used to seeing. Can't wait to check it out!
  13. Mannerisms are fun to look for, particularly since many of us have seen these films many times. After a while, you can't miss them!
  14. This was clearly an underfunded film, but I found it interesting and I wondered what "might have been" if it had been given more money. Better sets, better lighting, better music, better direction.... I know that this can be said of almost any film, but this one had something going for it, and might have been cool if more effort had been made. On the other hand, this is pretty much was Monogram did. I was a bit chagrined to hear Eddie through shade on Warren William in his intro, as William is one of my favorite early actors. He redeemed himself with his outro comments, however! They ca
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