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  1. Mannerisms are fun to look for, particularly since many of us have seen these films many times. After a while, you can't miss them!
  2. This was clearly an underfunded film, but I found it interesting and I wondered what "might have been" if it had been given more money. Better sets, better lighting, better music, better direction.... I know that this can be said of almost any film, but this one had something going for it, and might have been cool if more effort had been made. On the other hand, this is pretty much was Monogram did. I was a bit chagrined to hear Eddie through shade on Warren William in his intro, as William is one of my favorite early actors. He redeemed himself with his outro comments, however! They ca
  3. I was watching a Betty Davis movie last week. Doesn't matter which one. But it struck me how often she used the affectation, "tis," in place of "it is." If you took a drink every time she said tis, you'd be blotto by the end of the first reel! Any other vocal mannerisms of famous stars that they used a a crutch?
  4. Hate the new, boring, corporate website design. In many ways, it epitomizes the loss of design across all of TCM and certainly is portends a bland future of WB corporate ownership. Sure, it's built for mobile devices. Great. Let's make the design hew to the device. I'm sure it's faster loading then before, now that almost no graphics or images are being used. I develop sites and I know how Google bullies site builders into the latest, great thing that THEY want, but the truth of the matter is that TCM is mostly a site for viewers of the the network. It's not a shopping site where a u
  5. For me, this was The Lost Weekend. I want plot and narrative and acting, not this. Call me old fashioned, but that's what I though TCM was all about?
  6. Olivier is a complete fake. He ACTS like an ACTOR. So, yea, I completely agree. I think that American audiences fell for the Brit accent and thought he was was "special." Blech!
  7. Leslie Howard. My introduction to him was, as I'm sure with many, was in Gone With The Wind. I thought he was a wimp and a fop. Which, of course, was precisely what the role called for. In the years since I first saw GWTW (as a very young person) I came to appreciate his range and talent. One of my favs is The Scarlet Pimpernel. He was both a great actor and a great human....
  8. Well, perhaps not falling down drunk, but she was the perfect rural girl who played the church organ one day and another organ the next day.... Just sayin....
  9. Agree completely! This was a lot of great talent in search of a script. Perhaps it got mucked up by the producer or in post, but it felt, as you noted, as if the same scenes were played over and over again. Not so in Laura, which moves along briskly and each scene builds on the prior one. That's how a story is told! What I found odd was the early scene in which Anne Revere's character is said to HATE SPIRITUALISTS, but, after a little BS from Andrews, she and Faye decide to buy tickets? ****? The guy is clearly a con artist! When the comment is made about getting married "a week later,"
  10. Love her behind life, but "Our Miss Brooks" is painful. Ugh. Seemed like a poorly written and directed TV episode.
  11. It just struck me in watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" tonight. Is there ANY other movie that began with a totally cold open like that, with a musical number right from the first frame?
  12. Calling our Jane Alexander's performance is spot on. She is just so powerful and so true. It's a truly great movie and Pakula deserve all the praise.
  13. Great stuff all around! Always love the schedules and look forward to them! My vote, this time, is for Athos! Good luck to everyone...
  14. Thanks. I'll look for that! If I can't find the book/s I'm after, I just may have to write it myself...
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