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  1. This is a hard call. I love THE VERDICT, though. His Frank Galvin character was so broken down and his comeback so complete. But good god, he had Lumet directing a Mamet script. What a freakin' team that was! THE STING is the other side of the same coin, which is interesting. A retired grifter who makes a comeback, but this time with a smile and a wink all the way!
  2. We know you don't get extra points for posting the first schedule, but it's fun nonetheless! We're off and running! Great job. Love Lillian Gish as the SOTM, as she is underrated in today's world. I'd forgotten that EMS was in "The Russians Are Coming..." which is a fun film from that era, so thanks for that! And any schedule that includes a heaping helping of Joan Blondell is fine with me! Just lots to like here... Cheers!
  3. TCM Programming Challenge #46 “The Four Seasons” Some background: Path40a created the first TCM Programming Challenge in February, 2006 to give people a glimpse into the complexities of the programming process. The challenge has endured because it allows entrants to exercise their imagination, display their knowledge and introduce rare classics. TCM Programming Challenges are neither sponsored nor endorsed by TCM but tcmprogrammr has stated that programmers happily steal ideas from these schedules. Many entrants have had the joy of seeing their themes and movie selection
  4. TCM Programming Challenge #46 “The Four Seasons” Challenge #1: Spring Program a series of films which feature the word “Spring.” These could be movies which feature Spring Byington, films that are set in the spring, films that deal with “spring break,” “spring cleaning” or whatever. You get it! You may have 2 films in this category which will not go against your premiere limit. Challenge #2: Fall Program a series of films in which the word Fall is central. These could be films in which someone literally takes a fall, someone has a “fall from
  5. I don't think it's personal, it's most likely a corporate edict; YOU WILL BE MORE INCLUSIVE. Or whatever term they want to use! The hosts just say what they're told to say and I'm certain their scripts get approved before they are shot -- so no one should hold them responsible for any of the non-movie content. I just keep hoping that this too shall pass over time...
  6. Karger has almost no screen presence. Compare his style to that of Eddie, who seems relaxed and very sure of himself. And Ben. And.... His CV made be broad when it comes to modern TV and magazine "stuff," but it doesn't translate to a classic movie channel, where we've come to expect a higher standard. Everyone has a different take on the hosts, and so it's no surprise that people differ in their opinions. For reasons I don't get, many people don't like Ben, who I find to be a great, friendly, funny talent.
  7. Yup. When I worked in TV years ago, there was a truism; when the ratings fell a new News Director was brought in, the station would inevitably change the main news set. Just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. (1953 version, of course...) This is the very same thing....
  8. TCM is different than other movie-type networks. Most of those places are just video juke boxes that play the hits one after another. TCM was, and hopefully always will me, a network that is thematic. It concentrates on a time and place. Classic movies. The studio system. Sure, a few more recent movies can creep in, but that is NOT what TCM is, in its soul -- and in ours. The New Stuff is just crap. Can I say that? Will it get spammed-out? We'll see... The music is horrible. Did anyone think of creating "variations on a theme?" Maybe one that's more orchestral or jazzier,
  9. I know it's been a long time coming -- but just a quick heads-up that the next challenge is right around the corner! Winter is here and that seems like a good time to pour yourself an adult beverage (or a hot chocolate) and huddle around your keyboard for a new challenge! We're just days away. Thanks! Overeasy
  10. Agree completely. I collect original posters (mostly stone lithos) and many of them are just amazing. The new set is just as bland as bland can be. I feel like I'm in a Crate and Barrel. The entire "rebrand" has been a disaster, but it's also a good example of "the emperor's new clothes." NO ONE at TCM is going to admit that the money they spent to have people create this dreck was wrong! And hey, who doesn't like being CURATED! Cheers!
  11. I actually had an epiphany recently as regards the "set." I am wondering if the set is no set at all, but is instead a "virtual set" that the hosts are green-screened against. This struck when I noticed that the depth of field had changed quite a bit of late. The background (I believe) used to be more in focus than it is now. This could of course with done with lenses and lighting, but it made the background look more fake to me. Is there an insider who knows the truth! 🙂
  12. LOVE that scene. Good choice for this thread!
  13. I find Rooney mostly unwatchable. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but I'm old enough to have seen him in some of his later films. Just never got it. Perhaps I see a personality disorder at work here that I find distressing. His "A Type" personality or his ADHD does not appeal in any way. I've worked for people like that and find no joy in it. I think there's a better than even chance that his luck with the ladies was based more on his access to "Mr. Mayer" than it was to his member....
  14. Great stuff. Agree completely on the "Rosebud" thing . It was a weak concept that never paid off. Better film makers would have simply left it out. As to Jerry? I don't think there is any way to portray him NOT as pathetic. Dean was better off leaving him behind. I didn't know this stuff about he and Sinatra, so thanks for the info. Too bad Dean didn't to more of the "songbook" stuff. I'm certain he would have brought a unique twist to it...
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