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  1. It's really hard to choose just three, but i really enjoyed: Luis Bu?uel, Carl Theodor Dreyer and Jean Luc Godard. They literally changed my life forever! I seriously loved cinema after watching their brilliant films. [i'll write a more thoughtful post later, but i have to end this now since its late]
  2. Has anybody else asked to have this forum too? I wrote them a message suggesting to have this forum setted up and I'm so glad that they looked at my request! They were quick and efficient in organizing it.
  3. >>And the nerve of TCM to show films by those hacks Kurosawa, Wajda and Bergmann! Doesn't everyone know that only films made in English have a right to be called classic?<< I hope this was sarcasm. Frankly foreign films tend to be more artistic and important than the American ones. They are classics. But set this aside, Quiller I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know why people are complaining about yesterday. They showed some great meaningful shorts.
  4. Thanks. Connect Joan Fontaine to Stephen Fry.
  5. Fanny Brice in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES w/ Gene Kelly Gene Kelly in XANADU w/ Olivia Newton-John Olivia Newton-John in GREASE w/ John Travolta John Travolta in AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER w/ Tom Cruise Tom Cruise in WAR OF THE WORLDS w/ Dakota Fanning There's bound to be a shorter and better way but I couldn't find it.
  6. I orginally thought that you had to find exactly six ways of seperation between the two thats why mine was so long. But you got it right, (and so quickly); congrats. Regarding new actors, William Haines is one that I admire so I chose him. At first, I connected him with Richard Basehart but thought it would be too hard.
  7. Charles Drake w/ Humphrey Bogart in THE MALTESE FALCON Humphrey Bogart w/ Myrna Loy in BODY AND SOUL Myrna Loy w/ Virginia Mayo in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFES Virginia Mayo w/ Paul Newman in THE SILVER CHALICE Paul Newman w/ James Garner in ONCE UPON A WHEEL James Garner w/ Ryan Gosling in THE NOTEBOOK question: can documentaries be used? tv shows? if the above is acceptable, I'll go ahead with the next game since I won't be on tomorrow early enough. Connect Williams Haines with Anthony Quinn.
  8. Wow, that's good wordmaster. I tried to do it and took the Lucille Ball/Gene Kelly way but I came up short.
  9. Greta Garbo was absolutely stunning, especially in her silent days. I think she got me into movies more than any other actor or movie.
  10. Is there any way I could get in on the fun? You guys are really good, by the way.
  11. It's shocking because one, sting ray deaths are very rare and second, he's a trained professional. He died loving what he did which was better than other deaths, like you said, but he was just too young. I was extremely hurt by his passing. I heard it while watching the passion of Joan of Arc too, which made it even more gloomy. I'll miss him thats for sure.
  12. "As for the commercials, TCM wants and needs to attract viewers" I dont know why TCM would want to do this, considering that they are a decent channel who already have a great fanbase. If people want to watch classic movies, then they would have know about TCM by now. It's the only place for classics and black&white movies so there shouldn't be an all-of-the-sudden splurge to get young viewers or new ones. If they are trying to do this then it's disheartening.
  13. Hello Mongo, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping out others. Your knowledge on cinema is fascinating. I was wondering if you have any information pertaining Ramon Novarro. He is one of my idols when it comes to silent movies. I have also seen his talkies and he acts swell in them considering that English isnt his first language. His death is also a tragic one. Any help/information would do. Thank you once more.
  14. >There wasn't a lot of police action >either as seen in the trailer. What do you mean by trailer? I would love to help out so i need some clarification on that. It seems like a great movie too. What year did you see it? Maybe i could find a schedule of it.
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