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  1. They didn't forget Cagney in the basement it was supposed to be a surprise for the audience and were keeping him there until he was called. It might've have been longer then expected but that's the way the Producer's designed it. They knew he would bring down the house by arranging it this way...and HE DID!
  2. I understand your point but he hasn't had a Tribute in a very long time.
  3. The Time Of Your Life. Not a bartender but frequents there alot.
  4. For Come Fill The Cup it is a royalty issue from the estate of Harlan Ware against WB. The estate won but WB refuses to play the movie.
  5. No James it's not that at all but once in awhile.
  6. I have all of his movies and no it's not that at all. Forgotten, disrespected yes.
  7. No significance it's just another year without a B'day Tribute. There is no one else born on that day other then Donald Sutherland, Phyllis Diller I guess, so no reason why he's always left out. A movie here and there isn't enough of what he deserves. I'm tired of it and have support on why there isn't a marathon etc of a great actor. I've bucked up for many years and said nothing until now, it's a joke. Look at the montages he's in ONE! But that's for another day.
  8. Accepted and I apologize as well.
  9. I find it offensive to say we are ALL the same person, that is a troll speaking. Whether he has 1000+ posts, I say that and couldn't understand why he would say such a divisive statement. I can't have an opinion about TCM's scheduling? I've tried to contact TCM over the years, emailed, left messages and it doesn't seem to matter. So I decided to start a discussion. Most of Jim's movies were shown early on and have almost been non existent in recent years that's all I'm saying. I don't need to be attacked that's all.
  10. TCM has been around for 25 yrs do the math. I'm puzzled why you're even in this discussion. Troll maybe?
  11. Its obvious to us fans how he talks about him, very smug sometimes. I've heard about it from other fans as well. Cagney isn't his cup of tea. We all have are favs.
  12. Your being very disrespectful to the people who posted. It must've struck a nerve for others to feel the same.
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