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  1. Get Amazon Prime video service, excellent alternative to TCM. I got mine free just for occasionally buying stuff from Amazon.
  2. Would love to get rid of Xfinity but they are the only provider of internet in my area. In the last few months Xfinity has dropped the Smithsonian channel and TCM, and of course RAISING the monthly fee.
  3. Took TCM away here in SW Florida. They want us to pay $10.00 a month more. TCM is one of the few channels I consistently watch, most of cable is junk.
  4. Not much love for Dr. No here, that is the template for the whole Bond series. I would go for Goldfinger as the best Bond film, with Dr. No second. “My name is Bond, James Bond.”
  5. Is there anyway of using Chromecast and TCM?? I use an iPad Pro with Xfinity.
  6. He was in a terrific episode of ‘The Rockford Files’ from 1976 as a phony psychic. He and James Gardner had great chemistry together.
  7. It was dull, could not get through it. It was more about him than Wells.
  8. Amazing to me how William Wyler is hardly ever mentioned when it comes to the greatest Directors.
  9. ‘Some Came Running’, ‘Young Lions’, the original ‘Oceans 11’ which is WAY better than any of the remakes.
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