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  1. > You mean the online webpage is going to be updated when someone > dies and the schedule changes? You're dreaming...they only > tell you the day before or the same day it will change. That's my point. Rather than dealing with a possibly out-of-date, definitely multi-page, e-mailed schedule, I sign on every day and look at that day's up-to-date schedule. (This takes about 5 seconds.) At present, what I get on that schedule is a list of movies titles and times: no synposis, no director, no cast list. If I want any of that information, I have to go to additional pages to find the
  2. Kevin, I'm on-line virtually all the time--laptop on a table here by the sofa, cable internet connection, so it's fast. I'm used to pulling down the bookmark to "TCM Schedule" and having one page appear in a second or two: a list of all the movies that day, director, short cast list, short description of the movie. All there, without my having to go to any other page--or, as it stands now, pages--to get that information. This is vastly preferable to launching the e-mail software, hunting through many folders to find a TCM folder, finding the right e-mail (among the many newsletters
  3. > ... I assume that the TCM email program guide will still be emailed every month in the same format? As long as that is available and anyone can still subscribe to it I see no reason why anyone would complain. It is my experience in management though that people hate change because it requires them to adjust to something new and perhaps challenging. I haven't subscribed to the e-mail program guide in the past. Why should I have to open e-mail software and locate an old e-mail to see the schedule instead of going to a single schedule page to find useful information? Besides that, TCM
  4. Regarding the daily program schedule... Who decided that giving viewers less information on one page would be helpful or appreciated? (It doesn't help matters that my December Now Playing went astray, so I have no schedule for TCM except what I get from the Web site. And three e-mails about the schedule have netted me nothing but three automated replies.) I used to be able to pop over to the TCM schedule (using a bookmark in my Favorites folder; FWIW, the bookmark no longer works--new URL--so that's changing now, too)...anyway, I used to pop over to the schedule, see a list of the
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