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  1. Thanks all for your responses! I've only seen about a dozen or so of his films, all of them TCM offerings. I know I'll be missing out on a lot since MD seemed to flit from studio to studio - there are probably plenty of films he appeared in that TCM likely doesn't have in their library. My favorite part of his so far? I'll be unoriginal and say his role in Ninotchka. From reading the lists you all have made, though, I know I definitely want to see The Shining Hour. What a cast!
  2. Has Melvyn Douglas ever been Star of the Month on TCM? In the 6 or so years I've been watching I don't believe he has, but he might have been before that. Either way, with a career spanning the decades as his did, I think he'd make a fascinating subject. He escaped my notice at first, but every time I see him in something I like him more...
  3. Actresses- Norma Shearer Jean Arthur Marion Davies Myrna Loy Paulette Goddard Actors- Charlie Chaplin Jo Cotten Fred Astaire Orson Welles Bob Montgomery I don't follow the careers of any of today's actors, so I have no 'modern' favorites.
  4. Put in my vote for Paulette Goddard. IRL she was an all-out beautiful glamour girl, but in many of her films her cutesy, more earthy side was put to good use.
  5. The Philadelphia Story is near perfection, IMHO. I usually really like remakes, musical or otherwise, but High Society left me cold. A lot of it could have to do with the Crosby/Kelly pairing (this coming from an adoring Crosby fan) - I had the same reaction to The Country Girl.
  6. I enjoyed the film Chaplin (the biopic with Robert Downey, Jr.) and though I wasn't intending to look further into Chaplin after that, I came across David Robinson's bio on him in a secondhand bookstore and picked it up. After I finished that, I decided it was silly to know his life inside and out without having seen one of his films, so I rented The Gold Rush - that was really what started it all. After I rented/bought every extant Chaplin film I could get my hands on, I started watching TCM. This was about 6 years ago, and I've been a dedicated viewer/classic film lover ever since.
  7. eep! I see that thread now, sorry! I'd thought it was just speculation as to what -might- be playing in August. I'm so glad I never broke down and bought the Love Letters VHS tape that shows up on eBay now and then - the selling prices are usually ridiculous. August can't come soon enough!
  8. Hi and welcome! I'm 23, but I was into classic movies while I was still in middle/high school and I know how it is with friends poking fun. I think you'll find it's quite refreshing to be able to talk about these films with like-minded folks!
  9. Ok, I know this is a long way off, but I'm so excited to finally get a chance to see this film. I've kept an eye out for it on TCM for several years now, but I know it hasn't aired in that time. It'll be part of Joseph Cotten day (yipee!) for the Summer Under the Stars month. Thank you, TCM!
  10. I'm still not sure about it either, but I have a hunch that what TCM aired wasn't the new version - according to the DVD specs, the 2006 version is titled "Mr. Arkadin" - but during the opening credits on TCM it was called "Confidential Report". That sale looks great - we're not likely to find it any cheaper than it is now. It's Friday and payday so I think I'm going to treat myself.
  11. > Beyond the Forest is not on available on dvd. > It used to be available on VHS, but not anymore. It's > a shame, because this is the one Bette Davis movie > I'd love to see--mainly because it has my man, Joseph > Cotten in it. Hee. I want to see it for precisely the same reason. I love how he notes that Davis was one of the few people who called him "Joseph" - and with three syllables.
  12. I'm still kowtowing to TCM for having Bob Montgomery month in January. That was just fabulous. I'd wanted to see such a tribute for a long time, but never expected it to happen. Though I know it's virtually impossible since Universal owns most of their films, I'd love to see Paulette Goddard and/or Ray Milland months. I'd love to see a Joseph Cotten month, too, though he kind of jumped from studio to studio - I don't know how much of his stuff TCM has beyond the warhorses like Citizen Kane and The Third Man.
  13. Can anyone tell if the version of Mr. Arkadin that was shown on TCM the other day is the 'new version' Criterion put together for their DVD set? I'd love to add it to my Welles collection but the dubbing was driving me crazy...
  14. I think the actor is Franchot Tone and I think the film is Bombshell, but I know it's delivered to Jean Harlow - "I'd like to run barefoot through your hair." I think I vomited a little the first time I heard that. From The Third Man, and this is from my memory but you'll get the general gist of it - "Harry didn't grow up. The world grew up around him." In another film I wouldn't have minded it so much, but it's such a cliched line smack in the middle of what is, to me, an otherwise perfect film.
  15. Joseph Cotten. I just read his book - from the dozens and dozens of film star autobiographies I've read, he seems to be one of the most down-to-earth, regular guys out there. That's not to say he's bland - he threw in a few spicy stories here and there, and he worked with some of the best filmmakers of his time. I would have chosen Charlie Chaplin, but depending on who you ask, an hour with him would either leave you spellbound or bored to tears (and either way, it would be a one-sided conversation).
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