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  1. It is a similiar plot but not the same movie.
  2. I saw part of a movie on TCM years ago. I think it takes place in an exotic location. There is a guy (main character) that works at a company (mining maybe) once owned by a man who has a daughter who thinks she's bad luck. She falls in love with him but asks his girlfriend to fight for him because she believes she would be bad for him. Later in the film her husband comes back to claim the business. I am not sure if her husband dies but she gives the company to the main character in the end. Also the movie starts and ends with a big fight in the same bar. It's a B-Movie I think and I don't kno
  3. I only saw a little bit of the Oscars. I was glad Crash won for best picture. Salma Hayek looked amazingly beautiful and Uma Thurmans Dress was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Charlize Theron looked awful and she usually looks stunning. I am glad George Clooney won but I didn't much care for his speech. Not happy to hear that Ruth Hussy was left out of the Tribute. I adore her.
  4. I agree. Eileene Heckart was great in that filn.
  5. Dina Shore Aged amazingly well. She looked great right up ino her 70's.
  6. Also Theresa Harris was gorgeous except in Broken Blossoms where she looks kinda purple.
  7. That's a hard question. It's a toss up between Dark Victory and Jezabel.
  8. I think Hazel Brooks has to be about the most perfect woman I have ever seen. I know she didn't make alot of movies. In Without Love she's in one scene and she has no speaking part but she still stands out.
  9. If people had their way we would lose a lot of important films. I believe the Fox movie channel had to cancel it's Charlie Chan marathon a few years ago because of protesters. I personally what to see Triumph of The Will and Birth of A Nation for various reasons which are more analytical then for enjoyment. I learned a long time ago that if you like classic movies you can't let everything bother you.
  10. I love Vivien but can't stand GWTW. It's not her so much as the movie in general. I think her Character in Dark Voyage? is a little different from the other characters she played so you may like that one. I liked a Yank at Oxford but her part is very small.
  11. Yes. She says it to the school teacher. (Sue Lyon's Aunt?)
  12. "Have you ever been dragged into the Street and beaten by a naked woman." - Reflections In A Golden Eye. I actually love this line.
  13. From Night of The Iguana- "If paramour means what I think it means, your gambling with your front teeth."
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