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Everything posted by patful

  1. I like a good bongo movie. Evidently, this isn't one of them.
  2. Thanks, Rich. They spared no expense on that car wreck. I love the perfectly-sized hole in the door.
  3. Dang! Now I have to watch War of the Colossal Beast. And I want that waving woman painting. Thanks, Rich.
  4. Well, somebody else will have to suggest this movie. I can't for the life of me figure out how to use Suggest A Movie anymore. They won't even accept my password.
  5. Thanks, Rich. This one actually sounds watchable. Excuse me while I run to the Suggest a Movie page.
  6. Dang it! I missed this last month. Maureen Arthur's coming after you for picking possibly the worst screen capture of her career. Looks like a drag queen! Thanks, Rich. Looking forward to Teddy Bear.
  7. Good stuff. This is one of my favorite features of this place. Thanks, Rich.
  8. That could be the oddest photo you've ever posted, Mongo.
  9. Yep, they filmed the concert in 1975 and released it as Welcome to My Nightmare. Our local horror guy would show it at least twice a year late Friday nights. Preacher's kid Cooper was drinking buddies with Jim Morrison and Glen Campbell.
  10. Ha! You might find it interesting that Price did the intro to the song The Black Widow on the album...wait for it...Welcome to My Nightmare. I was a big fan.
  11. Wowsers! Carroll might have been Cher's inspiration.
  12. Hmm...Troy Donahue...it must be good.
  13. Augh! I'm eating lunch and looking at Harold Lloyd's fake fingers! Looks like a mummy's. Thanks for your festival updates and photos.
  14. Sandy Dennis has always been a favorite of mine, but all those cats are unnerving. Thanks for all the photos, Mongo.
  15. Thanks for the photos and updates from the festival, ma'am. Much appreciated, as is the Ginger Rogers tribute.
  16. Thanks for the photos, ma'am.
  17. Those are gams, ma'ams. Kyle used to post them for me on a regular basis. Still couldn't find any of the originals, even on his Flickr page, so I made do with this one.
  18. I loved both the 1931 and 1940 versions, but prefer the latter. Something about the suicide makes it more tragic. And though I love Leslie Caron, I never figured out why they butchered the plot with Gaby.
  19. Does your thumbnail need trimming, or did you finally figure out the image posting?
  20. Support for XP ends tomorrow, so you should survive your breath-holding.
  21. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the appearance of those threads so I can pick my avatar.
  22. Ooooh, with an airplane. You remembered!
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