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  1. What movie is on the marqee at the movie theatre and what is the name of the theatre?
  2. Donal o'Connor in There's No Business Like Show Business .He gets hit on the head and the statues come to life the entire scene is odd.
  3. Hi, Iam new aswell, not to classic movies,but to this forum. SwingTime is a great movie I love it and I love Fred Astaire.MERRY CHRISTMAS OR HAPPY HOLIDAYS OR WHATEVER.
  4. Bailey building and loan been in business for twenty five years
  5. It is the Grandville house with a "d" check it out.
  6. I would pick a Davis movie over most movies , but not over Kate Hepburn unless The movie was JEZEBEL.I am a sucker for civil war era movies.
  7. Who ever sings it I love it. Clips like this all the artistic touches is another thing that makes TCM great.
  8. Anyone scene new King Kong ? Is it long and boring?
  9. I favor Charade with the other Hepburn . The scene along the siene where Audrey turns around and smushes the Ice cream into Cary Grant is classic.
  10. I like Fred and Ginger . I know I'm boring ,and my favorite icecream is vanilla.
  11. Hollywood has lost its magic because nowadays these cookie cutter bimbos are a dime a dozen and nobody wants to tell a story they want to sell you sex. While back then the press may have been phony . Take a minute to look at Clara Bow who was a Jezebel and the press told you so. Back then you had to have composure and a unique bone structure , not to mention actual talent.
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