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  1. No one can honestly put down the original book Dune, or for that matter any long sci-fi epics like "Stanger in a Strange Land", or "the Foundation Series", nor can any thinking person possibly confuse what is real Sci-fi and what is fantasy! The two genre, as much as modern authors attempt to mix them together in their quest to cash in on what Walden books will display on their two shelves, are as different from each other as romance and mystery! And any moderatly well-versed literary fan can easily distinguish between the two! So I won't bore anyone with definitions here, but will simply say that I always pass quickly by any paperback that has a picture containing oranically-based wings of any kind, swords of any length, or women in any state of near undress! Now with that said.... The reason short stories, and more-so those more fantasy based then of hard sci-fi quality succeed better in the theaters is simply because of the general intelligence, knowledge, and experiances of the average movie goer! Fantasy story-telling will always be favored by this audience because it's closer to the repressed, uncultured, uneducated, cartoon world they have experianced and thus will always benefit from investment and the hard work necessary to pull something like Peter Jackson's triad off the right way. But could you imagine a well written and planned out version of the "Foundation Trilogy" getting done at what would now cost nearly twice as much? The nearest thing we've seen has been "the Matrix" series, and that only happened because the Whychowski Brothers, ( not spelled correctly i'm sure! ), came up with something really novel, enlisting brand new techniques, and had the pre-convinced the right investors and other support people long before looking for a Studio! It's the same reason there are more wolfman movies lying about in cans then there are good hard sci-fil movies of any name! Confidentially, it's why some bozo's actually think Ed Wood was a genius! Anyway about which of the two Dune movies are best, I again submit that there can be only one...choice, and that one is of course, the first one! I'll grant you that most of the special effects were pretty bad and about what we've come to expect from that particular director and studio, and I'll also even grant that the screen play fell far short of what it could and should have been! But one thing that move DID have, and have in quantity, was Flavor! It smelled like dune, felt like Dune, and looked like /dune! and the acting was perfectly matched to the style and attitudes given the characters in the novel! It's genius wasn't in the production, but just like in the "Starship Trooper's" movie, in the way the directory was able to bring forth the essence of the characters involved in the story! Dune's quietly repressed social bearing that laid so heavy on it's characters, and the epitome of human beingness that Heinlien brought to all his characters are both studies that are most difficult to bring across on screen, especially in today's atmosphere of redundant lyricism, rap, and eubonics! The Sci-fil channel's rendition played just like everything else they've ever done....boring! All the substance, but no Fire! About the ONLY thing they seem to be able to do is produce movies that have something to do with prisoners escaping from some where for some reason and in some way that gives it the sci-fi classification. Personally i think they should have their own classification but...!
  2. TCM has the greatest classic library of any network and thanx to the Dish Network I am able to get them where ever I've moved to! They have good sense when it comes to sci-fi too and have celebrated the genius of Ray Harryhousen many times. So why then haven't they ever shown one of his greatest, and one of the greatest of that era and genre? "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" is the movie I'm talking about and displays some of the best writing, directing, cinematography, and special effects to be found in this group! It used to be shown fairly regularly back in the 60's and early 70's by a number of networks, but I haven't seen it or even seen it advertised in many yeards anywhere! I pay it hasn't been lost forever and ask with all sencerity and hope that TCM will if possible add it to their fine collection!
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