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  1. I paid $$ for this iPhone ap last year or more .. and lately I find the link says ''Content no longer available ,., '' ?? what ? why? and is there a fix ? Thank you Terry
  2. There used to be an area within the site here .. if you typed in the name of the movie it would tell you if it is *scheduled or not* .. If it was scheduled .. you could *set a reminder* fro your self no to miss it ... Is it no longer available or am I looking i nthe wrong places .. after many many many minutes I decided to post here for an amswer back .....
  3. By owning this TCM labled DVD do you mean you have the same longer version that TCM always plays . i.e. Overture/ Movie/ Entr'act / Movie / exit music as well as the additional 24 minutes that was included on the 1990 Laser Disc version .. or just the regular 161 minutes version that is today availble on Blueray and DVD ? Thankyou !!!
  4. looking on the web site to try and find out when Mad mad mad world will be on again....... I'm finding the dvd is listed at 127 minutes but the over view says 187 minutes , I would like to buy the longer version .. but can't find that info either ......
  5. Today on TCM after the 1942 movie George Washington Slept Here .., There was a great 20 minute short (produced by Warner Bros and in Technicolor) called Tis Liberty (?) .,, It was the story of how the United States of America came to be in the early 1500's straight thru to the 1776 proclaimation's into the wars of 1812/ 1862 and on into the 20 century World stage of fighting WW1 and WW2 .. It was narrated by Marvin Miller .. Was a treat to watch.. can't seem to locate it on IMDB .. and because it was a short documentary the listing will never be on my PVR listing so I can't capture this for my home library- to show younger family members .. Will this ever be repeated ? and if so.., How can I be alerted that it will be on again???? Thanks Edited by: Chauncey on Jul 31, 2011 8:16 AM Edited by: Chauncey on Jul 31, 2011 8:18 AM
  6. Been following TCM's movie schedule and its list of great titles now for a few years and today for the first time, that I am aware of, they showed Dick Powell's 1956 You Can't Run Away from It. (Columbia Pictures) and the screen copy was in 'pan and scan.' . Checked IMDB and sure enough it should have been the cinemascope widescreen. Now this is strange as I have found TCM is pretty good at not only showing Out of print films, but they usually have access to the Best Print available. Does this mean that there is no version in Cinemascope of this classic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and June Allyson ???
  7. OK I got some goods on this movie,, but need some help from others. This past Sunday the 14th The Fox Movie Network on satellite ran this 1967 film in letterbox and Dolby surround ( or was it 5.1 ? )..,, now I see it will be repeated on the 15th of Feb. 4 a.m. .,, Great if I could get it without a satellite dish and I don't even know if the Canadian CRTC allows this channel into Canada anyway.,, But what I want to know, is: The genie has been let out of the bottle at this point., Will 20th Cent Fox be distributing this film on DVD soon or will the rights of the film now be allowed to play say TCM or Movie Central ??????? Does any one know ????????????????????????? BTW I'm 57 lol........
  8. Just wondering if it was an anniversary or birthday for her. TCM ran at least 6 back to back movies of Davis on the 24th..
  9. Yeah,, where is the May schedule.. ??? I just clicked on my desktop icon shortcut and it was for April 26th to May 3rd.. Can someone put an URL here for me to click on ? Thanks
  10. Bruce Willis wasn't a star in 1983/84.., His TV series Moonlighting was a hit in 1986 and his big break came with the Die Hard ' 88 film.., The Lance Hendrickson role, I don't think he was a police detective, but rather a police/medical psychiatrist,, (Remember he was in the medical hospital in T2 )..
  11. It would have to be,,, 1967's The Flim Flam Man with George C Scott and the wonderful music of Jerry Goldsmith.. Widescreen / Comedy never on TV , I would take the day off work to be there at home to catch this live ..... !!!! Oh please make it happen.. Message was edited by: Chauncey
  12. posted in wrong forum , should be discussions .. can it be moved?
  13. Only been watching TCM now in Canada for 8 weeks., and have been watching the frequency or consistancy of the TCM logo in the lower right hand corner. Is it only displayed every so often by the station as a reminder? or is it on the hour by the hour? I am glad it isn't on straight time, or in differant colors , like other station logos do, where they dip and swagger and move and vibrate, or 3D look such as Turners Atlanta Movie station does.
  14. I have noticed a couple of errors on certain TCM pages, and I see there is a link for correcting any misinformation., But when I go and sign in etc and want to change the information it asks for ' source' but the drop down box for source is not there only a drop down box that repeats itself,, 'source' what am I doing wrong?
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