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  1. Sorry, I've been away for a while. Here's my solution to the Rolling Stone question: William Rolling was in "Salainen Perintomaarays" with Helina Svensson Helina was in "Sellaisena kuin sina minut halusit" with Paavo Jannes Paavo was in "The Boys" with Vesa-Matti Loiri VML was in "History is Made at Night" with Bill Pullman Pullman was in "Singles" with Stone Gossard
  2. Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Frankenstein?
  3. I'll try to answer all those questions, even though I don't have complete responses to every one. 1) what is your overall opinion about Casablanca? Perfectly written, acted, directed. Not as daring as I normally like movies. 2) What did you think of it the first time you saw it? I thought it was good but unremarkable. I've warmed up to it more since. 3) The second? Sorry, I've only watched it once. I have seen Carrotblanca a couple times. 4) more? if you have. NA 5) What do you think about the cast and characters? All very engaging. Some of my favorite actors: Lorre, Rains, G
  4. Sorry, that's supposed to be William R?lling. I neglected the umlaut(sp?).
  5. Holly, I've gotten a few negative comments in the past on this board. Luckily they don't represent the majority. Don't let it make you all skittish and afraid to speak up.
  6. Sincere well wishes, ML. Wish there was something more helpful I could say.
  7. Not just alive but still working.
  8. My first thought was of the musical Thousands Cheer with Gloria De Haven, June Allyson and Virginia O'Brien singing "In a Little Spanish Town". I figure I can have three at once since it's a fantastic question to begin with. And if I were a lady, I guess Robert Mitchum. Is he considered attractive by the opposite sex?
  9. Chantelle Tibbs was in "Nora's Hair Salon" with Tatyana Ali Tatyana was in "Eddie Murphy Raw" with a raw Eddie Murphy Murphy was in "Trading Places" with Ralph Bellamy Ralph was in "Forbidden" with Barbara Stanwyck Stanwyck was in "Remember the Night" with Frank Conklin Connect William Rolling-Stone Gossard
  10. When I first read the post I thought you were taking a sarcastic jab at the fact that they preempt Silent Sunday Night a dozen or so times a year.
  11. Susan in Bringing Up Baby. I just watched Treasure of the Sierra Madre and the line "We don't need no stinking badges!" didn't appear verbatim. In what film was that said?
  12. How should I phrase it...Viridiana is one of the first films I can accurately affix to a point in my past. Growing up there was frequently a Disney video playing in the background or a comedy on tv I could dip in and out of. For Viridiana I decided for myself that I wanted to see it and I watched in rapt attention. It was in that boyhood phase where I was trying to differentiate myself by dressing dandyish, listening to classical music, and watching foreign films. Never lived anywhere artsy; just got lucky to have my local library have a festival of Mexican films.
  13. Dustin Hoffman. And I agree with him.
  14. Reckless Moment, Matter of Life and Death, Sansho Dayu, Landscape in the Mist, Masculin-Feminin, Seventh Heaven. Hundreds more, but those are the most important. Viridiana was actually one of the first movies I remember seeing. I didn't know anything about it beforehand or much about cinema in general and it was a real eye-opener. I've got a full size poster on my bedroom wall to commemorate when I first saw it. I think Death Takes a Holiday is on TCM later this month. I've only seen a shoddy VHS copy, so I might have to watch it again myself.
  15. Emma Caulfield was in "Darkness Falls" with Chaney Kley Kley was in "Legally Blonde" with Reese Witherspoon Reese was in "Vanity Fair" with Bob Hoskins Hoskins was in "Big Freeze" with John Mills Mills was in "Great Expectations" with George Hayes Hayes was in "Hamlet" with Grendon Bentley Connect Ellay Mort-Downey Sisters
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