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  1. I stumbled upon this thread and I want to say I truly love the "Love is a Dream" sketch from SNL (Does anyone know if this is on DVD? Perhaps on the Best of Phil Hartman? I would love to have a copy of it). I do not know what movie the song is from, but when I heard it, it sure sounded like Der Bingle to me. The music is actually The Emperor's Waltz (Strauss). So, with that in mind, I gave a quick perusal of IMDB. Lo and behold there is a Bing Crosby movie entitled "The Emperor's Waltz" (1948). I have never seen this movie and I don't know whether it contains "Love is a Dream", but this might
  2. I agree, helenwheels, I love Cagney's end in White Heat. This got me to thinking of other great Cagney demises: Public Enemy (delivered to his mother's doorstep), Angels With Dirty Faces (Did Rocky Sullivan really die yellow?), Roaring Twenties (on the church steps). One thing about Mr. Cagney, he knew how to make an exit!
  3. Is there any way TCM could have streaming videos of the "TCM Remembers" montages on this website? Everyone seems to love them so much and wants to see them again (myself included!). Perhaps they could even offer past "TCM Remembers" montages from prior years, too. I'd LOVE to see that! What say ye, TCM???
  4. EliseMcKenna

    Silent Favorites

    I don't like making comparisons either, Fritz08. I just love to laugh! I love both Keaton and Chaplin (I adore Chaplin's music, too!), but my heart belongs to dear Harold Lloyd. I also love America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford, and the incredible Lon Chaney Sr.
  5. One of my absolute favorites (so much so, I've re-read it several times) is "Harpo Speaks" by the wonderfully sweet Harpo Marx. It is a delightful, humorous and entertaining book. I highly recommend it.
  6. I think Debbie Reynolds is an absolute delight! I love her older movies as well as her recent work. I especially love the movie "Mother" with Debbie and Albert Brooks, and she was wonderful as the Charlotte in the animated "Charlotte's Web" (such a pretty voice).
  7. Speedy is my favorite, but I also adore Movie Crazy and Grandma's Boy.
  8. Oh, I've seen most of his movies, save for a couple. Some I have not seen for quite a while, though. I grew up in Southern California, and there use to be a UHF channel (this was long before the days of cable) that would play a ton of old Warner Brother classics (I believe the name of the show was "Hollywood Movie Classics"). This is where I got my exposure to many of the WB greats, and of course, became enamored with Mr. Cagney (who's pictures do you think adorned my bedroom wall as a young girl? No Donny Osmond for me! HA HA!). This program featured many wonderful WB flicks from the early 30
  9. This version of Ben-Hur is my favorite. I am no expert, but per imdb.com, dear Mryna plays a "Hedonist" (bit part, uncredited). There are supposedly many super stars of the era in the stands during the chariot race, all uncredited (Marion Davis, Harold Lloyd, Douglas Fairbanks and his sweet Mary Pickford, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert, Lillian Gish.....I wish they would have done a slow pan 'n scan of the crowd!! LOL! Clark Cable is even listed as an extra. If there's any "extra" Clark Gables out there, throw 'em my way!!!)
  10. Don't forget Oliver Hardy and Jerome "Curley" Howard (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)!!! And, in his later years, Orson Welles!
  11. "An American in Paris" would be my fave, but "Victor/Victoria" is absolutely delightful! I'm also a fan of the musical "Moulin Rouge" (it is breathtaking "eye candy" that I adore---wish they would have thrown in some "true" older tunes, though; Richard Roxburgh and Jim Broadbent singing "Like a Virgin" isn't the #1 choice on MY hit parade--LOL). I also liked "French Kiss" with Kevin Kline (perhaps I was the only one--LOL). I also have a ton of favorites that don't feature Paris as the main backdrop, per se, but Paris plays a prominent role---Casablance ("We'll always have Paris".....*sigh*) an
  12. I own The Unknown on DVD. It is a great flick. It runs a bit over 60 minutes, I believe. So, if there's another 30 minutes out there, I'd LOVE to see it!! IMO, Lon Chaney Sr. was like no other actor of his time. He did not rely on the exaggerated movements that so many "stage" actors brought with them to silver screen. With Mr. Chaney, you KNOW you are going to get an extremely riveting and realistic performance. I find his work absolutely mesmorizing, and it holds up over the test of time. As for Joan, she was awesome, too. A "real" Hollywood Diva, deserving of The Title. Gosh, ThinMan15,
  13. It's not just you, movieman1957, I think there are a lot of his films that do not get as much exposure as they should (my favorite, Hard to Handle, is a prime example). Although, access to his great body of work is far better than it was back in the day. Thank God, for TCM! I remember as a child, I would get the weekly TVGuide and go through it page by page, searching for any Cagney title I could find. So, things have improved immensely since the "dark ages" LOL. Am I dating myself??? I guess that's okay, as long as I buy myself popcorn and open the door for myself, too! LOL. I've noticed
  14. Another Cagney fan here! He is my favorite actor, and has been since I was a little girl. I am fortunate to have written Mr. Cagney and he responded with a thank you and an autograph (the only time I have ever written an actor, btw). I love all his work, but my favorite is "Hard To Handle" with Mary Brian and Ruth Donnelly. I'm glad to see so many others appreciate this great actor!
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