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  1. How about one on Glenn Ford Message was edited by: thethirdman
  2. You're at the wrong altitude CineSage For the record, Roman was to be Spencer Tracy, Sullivan Robert Cummings. Cummings was a licensed pilot
  3. The 1954 version of Dragnet was released by Warner Bros even though it was Mark VII The 1967 version was universal
  4. Good Job, Carroll was in Suspicion, North By Northwest, Strangers On A Train, Spellbound, The Paradine Case, Rebecca. Dinner Time Quiz In "The High And The Mighty", John Wayne Played Dan Roman the Co-Pilot, Robert Stack, Capt Sullivan, The Pilot. Wayne produced the film. Who did he want to play those two parts?
  5. You believe correctly Ayres. Good Job It was "Fog Over Frisco" and Davis' demise preceeded Janet Leigh's in Psycho by 24 years Next Up Can you name the actor who appeared more films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This is not a trick question. Hitch's cameo's do not count. Anyway he was not an actor
  6. Not this time Vallo. Hint, This one is from the thirties What part of L I. I'm from L I too
  7. One to sleep on Name the film in which a top billed Bette Davis was killed in the first 25 minutes? JB
  8. The Stab is right in the Bullseye, Duffylab. New Frontier it is. With Wayne properly billed, but Ms Jones was billed as Phyllis Isley. She also appeared in "Dick Tracy's G-Men" a Republic serial made that same year
  9. I couldn't agree with you more on Webb. But he used his limitations as an actor to make Dragnet successful. In fact the pilot epsiode of Dragnet in which a mad bomber invades City Hall is one of the best dramatic half hours ever filmed His film career was much better when he worked for other directors(ie Wilder in "Sunset Blvd"--Zinneman in "The Men" and a favorite of mine, a heavy in Lewis Allen's "Appointment with Danger"--a film that ironically features Webb killing Harry Morgan He was a HUGE Jazz file. He may have had the biggest collection in Hollywood. There is a CD called "Jus
  10. You got them both right Vallo 13. Congratulations!! One more before I break for lunch. A Republic Pictures "B" western made in the late 30s would feature an actor and actress who would go on later to win best actor and best actress oscars. Name the film and the people JB
  11. You may be thinking of "The Tunnnel of Love"(Richard Widmark and Doris Day--and the ever-present Gig Young). As an adoptive parent myself, I am not a fan of this film and do not recommend this in your case Good Luck
  12. Way to go, Dobbise, You get the gold ring. The credit was given posthumostly to Thalberg Next Question. Robert De Niro and Richard Widmark both played the same character. What was his name and in what film? Good Luck!! JB
  13. Another One Name the only film that Irving Thalberg received an on screen credit
  14. Right On, Duffylab. On a list of incongruities, Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams being twins is near the top
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