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  1. Rusty, Brando said that as a young man, and obviously he became too round later on, and died because of it. Maybe we live longer if we're square. Or, rectangular. And look better that way ... I smell an Old Navy commercial in the works.
  2. This is great news, but I wish they'd focus more on putting previously unreleased movies on DVD.
  3. Damfinojr, Sinatra started playing those type of character roles in Meet Danny Wilson and the characters from then on increased in swagger.
  4. My vote would have gone to Kyle, had he not excluded himself. Really, the Sunday Funnies and RKO Radio Pictures grabbed me by the neck (and it felt like he was programming just for me). And the Scatterbrains Baines, Brian Donlevy SOTM. ...man, that's a week I would wish for in the summer (I'm a teacher and have the summer off). I loved everyone's schedules and there were great treats in all of them. I had to narrow it down to two, for different reasons. One reason was personal favorites, and the other one was for a schedule that was full of obscurity. I love pancakes_barbara's schedule be
  5. ILRM, Thank you so much for your vote. Our similar tastes in movies and your great programming finesse makes your vote much appreciated. Rusty, It's great just to "see" you again, and all the more so that you've ventured out of the witness protection program just to cast a vote for me. Actually, I burned a photo of Johnny Sheffield with some faux chimpanzee hairs, while chanting "Poverty Row" over and over, and summoned you. I'll have comments on the other great schedules I haven't touched upon yet, and my vote, sometime this weekend. I get a headache every time I try and nar
  6. Can Jeff Chandler be considered a prop? Doesn't matter anyway, he wouldn't be my favorite one. Although the vote is over and I missed this campaign, I would have nominated the booze in *Lost Weekend* (or any other movie), and the skull on Potter's desk in *It's a Wonderful Life*. What skull? I'm often asked that when I mention it. It seems a lot of people miss that thing when they watch the movie. So when you break the DVD out within the next couple of months, watch for it in the scene where Potter offers George a job. Oh, and of course, the leg lamp, the flagpole, and the Red Rider ai
  7. Lynn, fantastic schedule as always. Have fun at the USC Duke Wayne retrospective. I read that they're actually presenting him as a gifted actor, which is great to see.
  8. Since you've already revealed your campaign shirts, I may as well put mine out there. I tried keeping with the time travel/future theme. http://dutchsouthern.com/shirt.php?id=1
  9. I think I'd take that thing to the maternity ward, dressed up and scrubs, and freak people out.
  10. I was just kidding Kyle. I actually had a heinous ear infection and bronchitis and really couldn't hear in stereo. But the only reason I would try and get out of it is because when teachers are out, the kids go nuts on the subs and as good as a lot of subs are, you know the kids aren't going to really get anything done. I was out for a workshop the other day and my kids who are very well disciplined with me, became little fiends. I heard lots of complaints about them from all over the school. The sub just let them run amok. I don't even call in when I'm sick because a week's worth of stuff can
  11. You could also just bring this in and say you couldn't find a sitter. http://timespacetoys.stores.yahoo.net/italpudoprre.html
  12. During the screening process, just keep saying "What?" "Huh?" And if they ask you if you're hard of hearing say that you've noticed that you've recently have been asking people to repeat themselves, but you haven't had your hearing tested yet. I did that and got out of it.
  13. Talk about steals ... I have a program that burns any DVD I want. So I get the movie from Netflix and burn it if I want to keep it. But you can't beat those Wal-Mart bins for the stuff you can't get from Netflix, except for the occasional $1 DVD at some stores.
  14. What's *Blossoms in the Dust* doing in this collection? That makes as much sense as putting the Boys Town movies in the first volume. I wish they could have put some public domain flicks as extra features like *Beyond Tomorrow* or A *Christmas Wish* (aka The Great Rupert) instead, and remastered them.
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