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  1. "And remember the slogan of Miracle Pictures-if it's a good picture, it must be a Miracle!" I love that line. The Stooges should be given an hour every Saturday devoted to them on TCM, the way Cartoon Alley is, and showing individual shorts between movies. Now that they're showing all these Columbia flicks, maybe there's a chance. Brighto, Brighto It makes old bodies new We'll sell a million bottles Uh woo woo woo woo woo woo
  2. In Scrooge, the dancing on his coffin in the Thank You Very Much number, and Scrooge thinking they're prasising him, is rather strange material for a musical moment.
  3. Then there's Destry Rides Again ... Marlene Dietrich just can't sing, although that never stopped her. If I had kids, I'd threaten them with a Dietrich song if they didn't go to bed.
  4. I don't think musical moments get any stranger than the Oompa Loompa number in Willy Wonka.
  5. You're welcome, bellanosey. That word had me running for Webster's years ago, and surprisingly, I found it in there.
  6. bellanosey, the Beguine is a dance set to Bolero music.
  7. I think any musical moment on film is strange ... the music comes out of nowhere and everyone knows the lyrics/dance steps. But to twist the category around a bit, I think two of the strangest moments in musicals were from A Star Is Born and Young At Heart, which both deal with the topic of suicide. Definitely a far cry from the 40s happy-go-lucky fare.
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