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  1. Thanks for the info and confirmation, Markus21 ... I agree; it certainly didn't take anything away from her glorious talents and she handled it very well -- it took a lot of serious *watching* before I even noticed it at all!
  2. There's one thing about Deanna that has always kept me wondering: Her left arm. It seems to me that her left arm is always perched a bit funny; the elbow is turned out moreso than her right arm -- does anyone know if she ever broke that arm?
  3. Oh well. At any rate, I'm not very familiar with the "old" site, but I think the new web site has some serious problems with it! I'm on a MAC OS X and with Firefox/Netscape or IE browsers, NONE of the top menu buttons on the new site work! I click on them and *nothing* happens ... I have to scroll to the bottom of the page, go to the Site Map and access pages from there. Someone in the web design department is definitely asleep at the wheel ... or getting no sleep at all, trying to resolve the site for MACs (although I find that difficult to believe). The entire top menu area is done
  4. Ahhh ... thanks MattHelm. That put some pieces into the puzzle that I was missing before. Although, I could see Scrooge in a wheelchair ... being transported out the window by the angel and all would've added nicely to Scrooge's "crippled" nature as it was! Oh well ... Reggie did a fine job.
  5. I don't know about everyone else, but I pay $4.95 per month to have TCM, as I imagine everyone in Central New Jersey does and many other places as well ... seems to me that's quite a sizable income once you add all such subscribers up.
  6. Perhaps, if you set your email program to receive all email in TEXT format only and applied to receive the email-schedule from TCM, you'd have your printable copy?
  7. I was just wondering why Lionel Barrymore didn't appear as Scrooge ... I think he would have been the all-time best, although Alistair Simm sure did a great job of it, for me. If they did a future attempt, Ian McKellen would get my vote -- I'm sure he'd nail that one perfectly!
  8. Deanna Durbin's birthday is December 4th ... I was hoping TCM would show a bunch of her wonderful movies but ... no show. Doesn't TCM have the rights to Deanna's flicks?? And if not, who does?
  9. I get Lifetime, but the reason I'm paying for TCM is because watching movies with the rediculously long commercial breaks they do these days is simply insane. And ... porno??? Are you kidding?! Now THAT'S a deranged personality.
  10. I hate to criticize TCM, too ... after all, they are the only ones who give me my old-time favorites and commercial free! I guess I expect more from them because of it, too. There's another Christmas movie I miss and haven't seen in a while ... I'm not sure of the title, but Edward Asner stars in it ... the musical score is simply brilliant and VERY Christmas-spirited! Asner finds out he only has a short time to live ... tells his estranged wife ... wifey secretly rounds up all the kids ... wonderfully positive ending; a greatly underated movie. The only good thing about missing a mo
  11. I watched The Christmas Wish on PBS yesterday. I agree that airing The Bishop's Wife on January 6th is more than inappropriate and terribly curious (if not annoying) when you consider all the non-holiday movies that TCM aired in the past 4-5 days. This movie is chock full of Christmas spirit! Why on earth would you air it after the holidays?? Seems to me TCM could use a more thoughtful programmer, indeed! There are enough holiday themes that I expected TCM to be making my days full of cheer from Thanksgiving week through New Year's day -- not just from the 22nd of December through t
  12. Thanks again. I found this: In 1993, Republic Pictures relied on the 1990 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Stewart v. Abend (which involved the movie Rear Window) to enforce its claim of copyright, because, while the film's copyright had not been renewed, it was a derivative work of various works that were still copyrighted. As a result, the film is no longer shown as much on television (NBC is currently licensed to show the film on U.S. network television), the colorized versions have been withdrawn, and Republic now has exclusive video rights to the film (under license with Artisan Entertai
  13. Thanks for your replies. But, just because another channel is showing a particular movie, I don't think TCM should avoid showing it ... after all, any other channel destroys the experience with at least seven minutes of commercials every ten to fifteen minutes and what kind of competition is that? None at all, if you ask me. Are you saying only NBC has the rights to It's A Wonderful Life? That's shocking to me ... I'm a song writer, so I'm familiar with something called Public Domain - and I don't know about movies, but songs that old become Public Domain and anyone has rights to per
  14. I can't believe how shorthanded TCM left us with Christmas movies! Honestly, I'm appauled. TCM advertised that Christmas movies would "flow" from the 22nd, on ... and I expected to see many old favorites, including some I've probably forgotten about -- after all, this is TCM, right? But, TCM hardly showed a handful! And worse than that, they aren't showing some that are practically mandatory -- like It's A Wonderful Life and The Bishops Wife. Not showing It's A wonderful Life, even ONE time??? What's wrong? How can TCM possibly explain this kind of lack??? I'm
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