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  1. wow Killer's Kiss - I'm jealous I am no longer a subscriber
  2. Social criticism should play no part in discussing films of different social norms(decades) in the context of passing of significant passing of time - Whoever is in charge of TCM (Ben...? writers, producers, CNN who knows?)these days have been riding the 'social equality/justice' narrative since the day Robert passed and is doing the network a serious disservice. After years of watching I canceled the channel back in early 2018 and heaven't looked back. I was getting sick and tired of Ben, that Australian, and Ms. Douglas constantly whining about politics and society. It's Turner Classic Movie
  3. Fauci is a scumbag peddling the same garbage for years - Youtube has his interview from 2009 on H1N1 - VERBATIM - he's a actor and a moron
  4. Why would anyone get a 'vaccine' for something that doesn't exist and hasn't been identified or isolated in a lab? Huh!? why?
  5. Breaking - They got him https://www.theepochtimes.com/black-lives-matter-activist-who-stormed-capitol-on-jan-6-arrested-charged_3657333.html
  6. oh nooooo super cov id - i'm a shakin' in me boots
  7. come on down - Long Branch NJ looks like you are in ny old neck of the woods in New York(city?)
  8. I got 2 confirmed from the sleazy NYPost that's a start for you As for Soros you brought that scumbag up not me https://nypost.com/2021/01/07/known-antifa-members-posed-as-pro-trump-to-infiltrate-capitol-riot-sources/
  9. smartest thing I've heard on this forum in a long time - this is a man with sense - You all can learn from him
  10. you should be - more likely you are shaking from tremors associated with old age granddad
  11. While I commend you on your willingness to accept the fact of psyops existing - Times have changed since then - nothing is off the table including deaths of US citizens
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