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  1. I got thinking recently; Does anyone on this forum collect Memorabilia? Does anyone own anything extraordinary relating to cinema or entertainment; If I'm right, which I think I am, I know Robert Osbourne collected posters... Feel free to show photos I think collecting as a hobby is fading in this disposable digital age...What are your thoughts on collecting objects?
  2. Kubrick was a true New Yorker down to the accent; even after years of living in the UK Eyes Wide Shut being filmed in England looks and feels like NY City. He was interested in the human condition like Jung and Freud, Bergman and Bunuel; He also had a cynical and sometimes sick sense of humor - you either get it or you don't.
  3. YES The Killing; her favorite film. And Welles and mine too.
  4. I agree on Elvis and even though she was integral to Hollywood's historical Golden Age and discovered Janet Leigh I'd have to say Norma Shearer - I had to google her name I forgot it- I just don't find her very appealing nor important. Now Mae West - she was a woman
  5. Just as an FYI he indicated that he'd be willing to part with it for slightly over $400; which IMHO(can't believe I finally used it ) I'd call a bargain. I would buy it from him but I'm already quite overstretched if you know what I mean.
  6. Yes that's the other one someone had on ebay years ago. Ours like actually very much like that one but in better shape, and blue.
  7. Billed, I haven't seen that; looks amazing. Sorry Joe I can't at the moment. Don't spoil it for me I'm gonna go watch the scene. Anyway the reason I was asking was because aside from a talented actress who goes under the radar she was also a talented artist working in enamels and ceramics. A freind of mine came into possession of one of the elusive bowls and it so happened to be a gift to none other than the "lovely Bridges" marked on the verso and signed in her lovely signature. So if anyone is a Lloyd Bridges fan or just a fan of rare memorabilia; remember she actually manufactured this not like other gifts that celebrities buy and engrave for one and other. I have only found one other one like this if you google "Marie Windsor Enamel Bowl" that one is red, my friends' is blue and truly a work of art. It would be perfect for holding things like paperwork, mail etc or just as a center piece. I wasn't sure of etiquette of posting something for sale on here but if anyone would like photographs and or know of someone that would be interested in something like this; I'd be glad to assist. Regardless, if you want to just see the thing I'll get some photos. On this note, I found an interesting piece of history on etsy right now a solid gold pipe tobacco tamp tool gifted from Eleanor Powell to musical director George Stoll(composed tornado scene Wizard of Oz) Don't know if CigarJoe smokes pipes as well. Anyway let me know
  8. Hey, haven't posted in a while but I'm looking for anyone who regards themselves highly as self proclaimed Marie Windsor fans. I have something that may very well be of interest to them which I will eventually disclose. Don't want to keep y'all in suspense but I'm looking for some kind of response. Who doesn't like the Narrow Margin right? Anyway let me know.
  9. Most of these are regulars on TCM.
  10. What'd you think of Liz Montgomery on Bewitched? The ditzy sexuality is a one difficult to pull off in that classic fashion, but yes I agree about the sex symbol. Other note, Agnes Moorehead was a versatile actress.
  11. She definitely brought a form of characterization to the tube that many have benefitted from. Performance isn't easy especially in that format. Look at all the pathetic attempts at sitcom TV today, awful. It was all over the place that she died last night. Sorry if I took the bait.
  12. Following a search I am assuming that this is the initial post. She was definitely a big part of entertainment and pop culture, and most importantly a pioneer in TV. There are mixed messages as many places online are not acknowledging the news; so a confirmation would be appropriate.
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