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  1. Trump hired and employed contractors and construction workers and developed big plots of land - so YOU make ZERO sense. He also maintained staff of cleaning, maintenance, security so go away with your dumb banter
  2. TRUMP JUST EXPOSED JOE-JOE - If you haven't voted - seriously consider a vote for BIDO' make you a treasonous traitor and a vote to dissolve the sanctity of the USA - Joe says America 'aint so special - we are only 25% - YEA, WELL IT'S SPECIAL TO ME AND YOU ALL SEEM TO LIKE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY
  3. Less is more- The older generation(possibly yours) were/are big on medicine - pill for this, treatment for that(all the while taking horrible care of yourselves through the 1950's 60's and 70's!) - I assume you take pills every morning - I don't and don't plan on it either To me life is hard - I do what I need to do and don't depend on any institution to take care of me - I am grateful and highly skeptical of any system - including government - If I drink and smoke - its my problem not some ACA fund! I don't want to be a burden on society and neither should YOU! So to answer your qu
  4. It is a good business - you would be - unfortunately, people like you need to understand that you can't live forever and one day you will die no matter how many organ transplants and voodoo stem/dna science -
  5. That video was the dumbest thing I have watched in Years - This Senator is an imbecile and terrible orator - The only thing that is corrupt is Molly Jong Fast - especially with a name like that.
  6. I suggest you research Planned Parenthood specifically the video's available I think on youtube or ****ute of people meeting over meals discussing arrangements of how much money they get for harvesting body parts and stem cells by WEIGHT! Planned Parenthood is a racket and for years it was part of the political economic system - It is just as bad as the WAR MACHINE all you older boomer/ex-hippie crowd were about - so who are the hypocrites - and it is rational and understandable to be opposed to plastic overall and yet accept reality and say okay to plastic straws.
  7. In your dreams you treasonous traitor
  8. It does to me - you miss the holistic point - The fact that most people who get the abortions are low income (subsidized by the government) and immigrants! Abortion clinics feed an 'Industrial Complex' that we don't need in this country any longer. To add, the body parts are being sold! It's inhumane and disgusting. Also, regardless of religion people shouldn't get used to the idea that abortion is an option!!! Use protection or don't have sex like rabbits. Abortion is a disgusting thing and should only be used if VERY necessary like in the case of rape - Okay,? If your brain is on plastic str
  9. All you dimwitted democrats are done- Like I said- get used to the powers that be - at the rate your going you'll all be working way past retirement - us younger conservatives no longer need your dead weight - start stretching those social security checks - no healthcare for all , no more abortions, no more illegals, no more waste. Cue the Vincent Price Thriller laugh track😆😘
  10. Can anyone chime in on anything like Jerry Lewis comments on film and cinema and what he thought about directing? I'm an antiques dealer by trade and came across a film textbook that belonged to Jerry Lewis. There's notes and highlighted concepts in here. Dates late 70's around when he was working on the clown film and prior to Hardly Working..is it the title?
  11. I'll leave you to your meaningless pictures Joey- You probably don't even know a thing about cigars - as much as you know about R Crumb
  12. I don't appreciate being called a nut job when one of 'you people' had me banned for a day for voicing an opinion. Y'all seem to side with the talking heads on one side and neglect the fact that they exist on both. Obama was far from an angel and all of America had to put up with his lies and banter for 8 years. I don't care what color he is- he was scum as a president and is scum as a person. He was already proven to be spying on Trump! Is that fine? What about this phoney impeachment and bringing phoney witness testimony against Kavanaugh. You dems are all one sided. You claim to like art
  13. I don't know you or this guy whose tweet you are using as propaganda - but I'm sure he was fine working in journalism when Obama was laundering money and trading with the Enemy (IRAN!) as well as when Hillary was responsible for killings of innocent soldiers in Benghazi. Oh Please the reason he is quitting is because everyone in that industry is either being laid off, quitting, or being forced to work for free as an 'intern' - Another great truth is Democrats haven't got a chance at winning the next election. There are like 10 participating democrats on this thread the others are no on politic
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