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  1. okay, sorry if I misinterpreted. Well - if you aren't aware this story has a tremendous amounts of flaws and has since day one. In my humblest opinion this is a headline news tabloidesque story which has been exploited by the media in order to distract the public from Mandated Vaccines and the Idiot in Chief's foibles. Similar to the RV story last year. Given, I thought it poignant to inject my own distraction that pertains to actual current events wonderfully and succinctly presented by this Comedian in the video.
  2. If you cannot figure out why then you should either ASK!? not make a snarky comment or keep quiet and move along -
  3. This network went from being one of the Greatest ( particularly thanks to Robert Osborne) to becoming a globalist manifesto for people who know absolutely nothing about film; and further have the worst taste in movies. Cows who join wine clubs.
  4. GENE REMEDIATION THERAPY - SLOWLY KILLS WITH SPIKE PROTEINS - Cannot remove once installed - enjoy your nerve disaster
  5. FAKE PANDEMIC - Liars should choke on germ ridden saliva
  6. FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED DESPOT- First Authentic Fake President
  7. Fodder for the flaccid minded sheeple
  8. FBI are a domestic terrorist organization
  9. Exactly my point - FBI/Fed scam - fake mason trash
  10. Good way to allow more garbage refugee scum into the nation - mainly low waged Chinese people
  11. Conjured Sensationalist Tabloid Nonsense Distraction Story Fake Masons at play
  12. Democrats are all liars and scumbags - You don't even know what you are talking about - My neighbour is a CONGRESSMAN in your party- he's trying to take away Medicare Benefits! His name rhymes with B-allone(y) from a state near Delaware like his party a bunch of Baloney!
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