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  1. wow Killer's Kiss - I'm jealous I am no longer a subscriber
  2. Social criticism should play no part in discussing films of different social norms(decades) in the context of passing of significant passing of time - Whoever is in charge of TCM (Ben...? writers, producers, CNN who knows?)these days have been riding the 'social equality/justice' narrative since the day Robert passed and is doing the network a serious disservice. After years of watching I canceled the channel back in early 2018 and heaven't looked back. I was getting sick and tired of Ben, that Australian, and Ms. Douglas constantly whining about politics and society. It's Turner Classic Movie
  3. Fauci is a scumbag peddling the same garbage for years - Youtube has his interview from 2009 on H1N1 - VERBATIM - he's a actor and a moron
  4. Why would anyone get a 'vaccine' for something that doesn't exist and hasn't been identified or isolated in a lab? Huh!? why?
  5. Breaking - They got him https://www.theepochtimes.com/black-lives-matter-activist-who-stormed-capitol-on-jan-6-arrested-charged_3657333.html
  6. oh nooooo super cov id - i'm a shakin' in me boots
  7. come on down - Long Branch NJ looks like you are in ny old neck of the woods in New York(city?)
  8. I got 2 confirmed from the sleazy NYPost that's a start for you As for Soros you brought that scumbag up not me https://nypost.com/2021/01/07/known-antifa-members-posed-as-pro-trump-to-infiltrate-capitol-riot-sources/
  9. smartest thing I've heard on this forum in a long time - this is a man with sense - You all can learn from him
  10. you should be - more likely you are shaking from tremors associated with old age granddad
  11. While I commend you on your willingness to accept the fact of psyops existing - Times have changed since then - nothing is off the table including deaths of US citizens
  12. Both sides of the aisle are comprimised Dick Cheney was always Deepstate - you answered your own question there- you do beleive that 'deepstate' exists don't you? because their own people admitted it Phoney Impeachment - disgrace - disgraceful to our image and legacy- you should be ashamed not excited I don't mind you celebrating that pedophile being sworn in - but c'mon this impeachment is a sham
  13. Vaccine is already causing pretty terrible side effects in nurses
  14. 34 ANTIFA MEMBERS WERE ARRESTED - maybe if you got outside this place and the usual suspects like CNN you'd see the truth - ALSO, I don't see why you have a problem with CITIZENS WHO SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT - maybe supremacists - but oh no - a Trump supporter - were you the same way with Reagan and Bush?
  15. DEDICATED TO CIGARJOEY - Someone I'd NEVER share a Cohiba or Partagas with
  16. Buddy if I had the pleasure of meeting you in person you'd be proposed with a demand for satisfaction I don't take kindly to threats - I can see what kind of cowardly person you are very nice - in line with Stasi tactics I hope you are just being funny - because I'm NOT laughing
  17. Also, All of a sudden House decides to Impeach him a second time, under a phoney pretense with 8 days to go!? c'mon if you don't smell the **** you better get your nose and tongue examined
  18. You shouldn't rule out Psy_ops so quickly - I don't know exactly who was behind it - these days it doesn't matter It was 99.9% a psy-op there WERE antifa there along with Trump supporters What matters is that maybe more people should be havin conversations like the one you and I are having on here - rather than buying into media trash propaganda Our liberties are being taken from us
  19. You are all such lousy sacks of nobody's 1. That wasn't an insurrection - it was a phoney-coup staged by the Anti-Trump government and law enforcement agencies 2. It referred to as a psy-Op - You all claim to know about film making and movies - well, if you don't know what a psy-Op is LOOK IT UP - While you are at it lookup SMITH MUNDT and what Obama had to do with it, because you all seem to know nothing! 3. The FBI and CIA are some of the most corrupt establishments - if you have friends or relatives that work for them - tell them I.M. wishes you a long life of suffering and
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