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  1. You might add "Turn Back the Clock" and "The Strange Love of Molly Louvain" to the list of Lee Tracy films worth showing again.
  2. I am surprised that no one has mentioned "A Kiss Before the Mirror". This classic pre-code directed by James Whale has been difficult to find and TCM has it scheduled. Three very big cheers!!!
  3. I just noticed that the running time for Man's Castle, which is premiering on TCM this evening, is 74-75 minutes in a 75 minute time slot. For folks like me, who have eagerly awaited this moment, I suggest adding 5 or 10 minutes to their recording so as not to have the ending cut off. RO's introduction will last longer than a minute. Also Dark Horse is showing again on 9/03 and runs 75 minutes in 75 minute slot. For those taping, caution would be in order. Sorry for the short notice.
  4. Fay Wray is a long time favorite of mine. Thanks Snorky for the wonderful pictures!
  5. Scottman has covered many of my favorite Warren Wiiliam performances. I would only add Under Eighteen and Lady for a Day.
  6. coopsgirl, Part of my initial post was erased in the posting. I am interested in the complete DVD set of Clara's films but am wary of film quality. How would rate the film quality in the set (scale 1-10) and which films are the poorest? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Message was edited by: phiz50
  7. Hey coopsgirl (good taste) I have been interested in that complete DVD set of Clara's films but wary of film quality. How good are the prints (scale 1-10) and which are the poor ones. Any information would be much appreciated. I read Stenn's fascinating biography last year. What a tortured childhood for Clara and what resilience she demonstrated. I would love to see more of her films!
  8. phiz50


    I have recorded Gold Rush several times on TCM hoping for the silent version sans Chaplin's narration. Always disappointed! Is the truly silent version still available? I saw it years ago and loved it.
  9. I have wanted to see this film and Wild Boys for years. Both films were excellent with WB marred slightly by unsatisfactory ending. Heroes was filled with powerful images starting with the opening battle scene. I would say more but I don't want to spoil it for those who have recorded but not yet seen it. What an amazing film!
  10. I could watch pre-code Joan in anything. Her birthday is August 30th. Please TCM lets honor the adorable Joan Blondell with a slew of movies. Here are some particular requests:Millie, God's Gift to Women, Goodbye Again, Havana Widows, Lawyer Man, Smarty, I've Got Your Number, Greeks Had a Word for Them and Blondie Johnson. If your feeling miraculous, you could conjure up Convention City while your at it. Please help a poor precode Joan fan in need. Thanks!
  11. Lets encourage TCM to celebrate pre-code Ann on her birthday August 02. Some suggestions: Crooner, Heat Lightning, The Way to Love, Love is a Racket and Massacre. I love Ann Dvorak and agree with the person who said she had all over Bette Davis in both looks and talent.
  12. Professional Sweetheart is airing on TCM in April. My list of precode films for a Forbidden Hollywood dvd: Downstairs Story of Temple Drake Call Her Savage or Hoopla Blood Money Night World Broadway Bad Stage Mother Plus numerous others
  13. One of my favorites is Beauty for Sale with Madge Evans and Una Merkel. Good story, snappy dialogue and fantastic cinematography from James Wong Howe. Madge has never looked better and Una is always a joy. Eddie Nugent plays one of the most amusing obnoxious guys you will ever see in a movie and Otto Kruger has a rare chance to play a romantic lead and does a decent job. Well worth seeing.
  14. I thought the restoration of Beyond the Rocks was first rate given the source materials. It was unfortunate that despite the stars the movie sank under the weight of the turgid story by Elinor Glyn. Talk about melodramatic claptrap!
  15. Big fan of Warren William and I am pleased that Skyscraper Souls and Beauty and the Boss are scheduled in October. I think Bedside is slotted for November and as previously mentioned Under Eighteen in December. I would welcome a Warren William month.
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