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  1. The schedule is not loding properly. The current date shows, but when you try to look at other days in the month it doesn't load.
  2. I'm being honest about how TCM has responded to feedback. My favorite part of the site the library search was removed last year. No attempts have been made to bring it back or improve the database to include the info that I want. The database is useless to me. For the most part it is a knock off of IMDB. It does not contain the info I want. I liked the library search because you could look up a specific film and see if TCM had it in their library which was helpful in requesting film. A general list of the studios is not sufficient. No one has ever addressed why the library was removed
  3. I suppose you could try contacting them using the feedback form. But in my experience TCM doesn't fix problems with the website or respond to feedback very well. For the most part it is ignored. I'm not entirely sure they care about making the website user friendly at all. When they do fix something it takes months on end to fix it. They also seem to remove parts of the site quite often. They removed my favorite feature of the site at the end of last year and have apparently decided to not bring it back. As a result I really don't watch TCM anymore. Message was edited by:
  4. On the front page search feature, if you toggle to search the site, you can search for titles or films by and actor or actress that have been scheduled. For some reason they decided to make several changes to the way searches work on the site. I'm not sure why since I liked the old way better and felt it was more functional.
  5. They removed the old TCM library search when they brought in the new database. I have suggested that they bring it back or have a notation in each database entry that says whether or not it it in the TCM library. However, they don't seem to want to bring it back or improve the database. And considering the months it took them to finally fix the schedule issues, even if they do decide to bring back the library search or improve the database, it would be months before seeing the results.
  6. They have never had a public list of the TCM library that I'm aware of. Before the redesign of the website they used to have a TCM library search, where you could check to see if a film was in their library or not. For some reason they decided to delete this feature when the site was redesigned. It would be helpful if they are determined not to bring back that feature, to at least indicate on the listings in the new database whether the film is part of the TCM library or not. However given how slow they have been about fixing the schedule issues, even if they decided to bring back the libr
  7. If this is a modern film, then it sounds like Jerry Maguire.
  8. I really don't see why TCM felt that to add their new movie database, which I personally dislike since it does not contain the information I want, that they had to delete the TCM library search. The database is useless to me since it does not list which films are part of TCM's library and which are not. As a result of the deletion, I rarely come to this site at the same rate I used. Part of the point of coming on the site was so that when I requested a film, I had a decent idea of whether it would be played ot not. It would have made more sense to have had both. That way people who wanted
  9. The regular schedule has the Pacific time zone right next to the Eastern time, but not the monthly schedule. However since it is no longer a toggle feature, many seem to overlook it. I really don't understand why they decided to change the website since I don't see any improvement over the previous version. The schedule was better before and there used to be a feature that allowed a search of the TCM library. The schedule they are supposedly trying to fix, however they have been doing this for over two months now and still there hasn't been a change. The library search however is evi
  10. The schedule has Eastern and Pacific time. Not sure why someone thought that it didn't. It could be the way it is displayed, before the redesign it had a toggle feature instead of being side by side. However it doesn't have Central or Mountain. I don't think there is anyone working on the problem, otherwise it would have been fixed by now.
  11. It seems that they don't intend to fix the many problems with the site redesign. It has been over a month and it does not seem to be a priority.
  12. I have to agree. The schedule and the lack of the TCM library search are very disappointing. The redesign is not functional at all. If features weren't ready then they should have waited to launch the redesign. But they rushed. As a result the schedule lacks time zones and there is no longer a TCM library search. Even though they continue to claim the movie database search is the same it is not as there is no indication as to which films are part of the TCM library and which are not.
  13. Will the old TCM library search function ever be brought back to the site? The movie database search is not the same. The TCM library search turned up films that are permanent part of the TCM film library. The movie database search does not indicate which films are part of the permanent film library. Either the old search needs to be brought back or the movie database search needs vast improvement so that it indicates which films TCM has in its library. Until then I see the movie database search as a poor imitation of IMDB.
  14. It is not the same results as the old library search. The old library search turned up films that were part of the TCM library regardless of whether they were currently scheduled. The new and "improved" database search turns up films that are not in the library. And there does not seem to be notation to distiguish between films that are in the library and films that are not. I stand behind my original opinion. The site redesign is not functional.
  15. I am really disliking the redesign of the website. The schedule is more difficult to use, especially since I'm CST time. And I don't know how to find the search for the TCM Library any longer. Redesign should make things easier, and that is not what has happened here.
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