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  1. My parents have always liked this film and they still do today. Mainly it was because of Hattie's performance. She's smart, wise and strong. What mainly drew me to like the film was really the relationship Hattie and Clark had as co-stars and friends. (I previously shared my opinion of the film on here WAY before the events that are happening this year.) Plus how many people knew Clark Gable was Half Black (and Half Native)?
  2. Hi, I haven't been online since the middle of last year. Hope all of you are doing well, especially regarding this global situation.
  3. Seeing on how TCM has shown a couple of Peter Ustinov's films. Which films of his are your favorites? 'Quo Vadis' is one of my favorites. Captures his serious and humorous side, which he's known for.
  4. Will they be showing GWTW (Gone with the Wind) by the end on this month once again? Really, it made a lasting impression on the TCM channel. P.S. Back then if anyone wanted to watch GWTW you had to have a VHS copy or watch it on commercial TV.
  5. Now, we see the one of the films which launched TCM all those years ago: Gone with the Wind! The VERY first film to be aired EXACTLY on this date back in 1994!
  6. Wow! Well, she was one of the greats. Of both silent and talkie films! I see now why their show her films this month, its all part of their big 25th anniversary!
  7. Is their a tribute going on for Clark Gable this month? Seeing the list of films seen previously and upcoming. Is their a tribute for him going on?
  8. From the year 1994 to now, TCM has shown classic films. From silent to talkies; black and white to colour; beloved to controversial. Foreign and world renounced; from early 20th to late 20th century. TCM shows all films which are classic and continue to do so. With great hosts who have film historical background and express their liking of the film showing. Sometimes bringing guests during one of their many monthly spotlights. TCM was and still shows 'Gone with the Wind' regardless of what people think of it today. A film which also was the very first film ev
  9. This one: But what about this classic?:
  10. One of the greatest Action and True Story films of all time. Also one of Steve McQueen's best films!
  11. I notice that this month they'll be showing films starring Errol Flynn. Is their a tribute going on? Will they be planning a bigger tribute later this year, especially during his birthday and death?
  12. I have seen the silent one with Mr. Barrymore only yesterday and it was okay. Barrymore was one of the best actors of the silent era for sure. Regarding the Technicolor one with Mr. Flynn, it was more interesting. Errol was a remarkable actor and could have done so much more. (I have seen this film three times already.) I thought the silent one was more focused on Don Juan from beginning to end, like the novel. Overall, I prefer the Errol Flynn one because it was more about Don Juan the lover AND hero. Instead of always chasing women around he actually helps s
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