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  1. . I use my antenna to get the Sony Movies Channel (free over the air). They show lots of classic films .
  2. Hollywood has always had trashy movies (especially precode & silents). You’d think a movie about sex robots would have more toplessness. Oh well. I’ll go watch Logans Run....
  3. Tips: You can visit the classic movie palaces any time. The Chinese shows modern movies & the Egyptian shows lots of classics. You don’t have to wait for a film festival. - during TCM FF the normal price each movie is $20 but Backlot members pay half that. - there was one movie I missed because the theater filled-up, so I went to TCM on-demand and watched it there. Not a big deal. - driving in LA is the easiest major city, because the streets were designed for cars (4 lanes across). I actually enjoy cruising through the city - the film festival is held at the Roosevelt Hotel which has valet parking. About $20 per day & very convenient (just walk right in). When I did the TCM Studio Tour, they also had discounted parking at a garage (not convenient). I prefer the Roosevelt.
  4. when Noir Alley is the “next” movie to air, Ben always gives a screwy summary about the upcoming movie. Like tonight: “The Bodyguard is about a cake judging contest.” WHY does he do that? Maybe he doesn’t like noir.....
  5. I VOTED FOR Laurel & Hardy in the backlot poll. Why? Because I’ve barely seen any of their movies! I want to correct that omission. (Plus I already have all Abbott Costello movies on DVD.)
  6. My only access to TCM is Sling TV (basically cable via internet) but with recent price increase from $25 to 35 it will soon be canceled. I wish I could buy TCM APP directly similar to how I get HBO through their app ($15). Please make it happen
  7. I don’t have cable at home. I watch the Sony Movies Channel which comes-in with antenna. They show lots of classic films. My only access to TCM is the Sling TV app on my phone, but with recent price increase from $25 to 35 it will soon be canceled. I wish I could buy TCM APP directly, similar to how I get HBO through their app ($15). I don’t need cable subscription
  8. I just came from TCM Film festival. The passes were sold-out so I bought individual tickets for each movie. In total I only spent $50 ($10 per movie). For me the real fun is meeting the fans. Often I will skip the films and just stand-around talking to people. The highlight was the Final Party celebrating 25 years of TCM..... free food, champagne, and a birthday cake. Plus tons of people I got to meet & greet Thank you Ted Turner, Robert Osborne, and the TCM family .
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