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  1. I just checked the schedule & this 14-part documentary is being shown with non-classic movies from the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Not just one or two, but a whole ton of them. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of channels (Learning, History, Travel, SciFi, etc) drift from their original purpose & I hope Turner CLASSIC Movies is not drifting too. This documentary & accompanying modern movies probably would have fit better on a different channel like HBO or TNT or AMC. Robert Osborne said in 2013 it takes a few decades to discover if a movie is truly classic: Does it stand the test of time (or does it age poorly). I agree. TCM should avoid post-1990 and 2000 movies as much as possible IMHO.
  2. At least they HAVE theme months. The other classic channel I watch doesn’t have organized themes & doesn’t even start at the top of the hour (with weird times like 6:05 or 6:10). They just shovel one movie after another.
  3. As for Shatner he treats the fans like dirt. I’ve seen him in person 4 times, and three of those times he insulted either the audience or a fan or another on-stage guest (in one case he insulted all 3 the same time). I like Kirk, not the actor BTW why are we discussing Trek on TCM’s classic movie website? Seems this should be moved to “off topic” section.
  4. Picard is emasculated. Instead of the strong confident captain we saw from 1987 onward, he’s been turned into a wimp, that lets people boss him around. CBS ruined the character in similar fashion as Disney did to Luke Skywalker (also emasculated). The show also ruined 7 of 9’s character & the Federation itself. It’s no longer paradise on earth, and Roddenberry’s positive future. Instead it looks like a dystopia (which I would not want to visit).
  5. EVEN NOW four years later, Robert Osborne has found the words to make me respect a remarkable person (Olivia de Havilland).
  6. Great article about a piece of Hollywood history I knew nothing about: - How Olivia de Havilland and Ronald Reagan Beat the Hollywood Communists in the late 30s and 40s: https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/08/how-olivia-de-havilland-and-ronald-reagan-beat-the-hollywood-communists/
  7. Your question was answered in the first sentence.
  8. People collect all kinds of things including chess sets. And stamps (why?). I once considered a Star Trek chess set but decided that would be $500 wasted. - And yes TV channels sometimes get yanked. I lost Decades 😞 BUT Movies! reaches 70% of the country, so it’s worth posting about.
  9. No it was DEBT that ended the Soviet Union because they were trying to keep-up with Reagan’s huge military. The USA could handle the massive spending but the USSR could not. They spent themselves into bankruptcy (and the edifice collapsed & was replaced by the democratic Russian Federation). - BTW when looking at debt nothing compares to the $9 trillion added by Obama. Essentially double what Bush had done (and quadruple Reagan). “It’s unpatriotic!” - Senator Obama while campaigning
  10. Not really an obituary speech but feels like one. Very thoughtful & personal: https://www.tcmbacklot.com/player/329?page=0 (2016)
  11. Thank you 🙂 I see those DVDs on amazon for about $5 less (no shipping charge). Wikipedia lists Passing Parade on several movies: They really should make these available separately because I love Parade’s short stories: We Do It Because- is on the DVD of Reunion in France The Magic Alphabet is on the DVD of Great Day in the Morning A Lady Fights Back is on the DVD of 30 Seconds Over Tokyo The Great American Mug is on the DVD of Thrill of a Romance Stairway to Light is on the DVD of The Picture of Dorian Gray A Really Important Person is on the DVD of Song of the Thin Man Goodbye, Miss Turlock is on the DVD of Fiesta (1947 film) Souvenirs of Death is on the DVD of Command Decision (film) Annie Was a Wonder is on the DVD of The Barkleys of Broadway Mr. Whitney Had a Notion is on the Blu-Ray of On the Town
  12. She commented “I still have not found my William Powell. Maybe some day,” in the outro to his movie The Thin Man 🙂
  13. TV actors were rarely considered good enough to appear in movies. And movie actors usually looked-upon television as inferior. (Kinda similar to how the US Senate views the House of Representatives.) So little overlap.
  14. NOIR THURSDAY is back on Movies! over-the-air channel (free with antenna): https://moviestvnetwork.com/ Blonde Ice (1:25 am Pacific) (4:25 am Eastern) I Died a Thousand Times Johnny Eager Red Light The Fallen Sparrow The Strange One Overexposed Detour Lady in the Lake The Brothers Rico The Dark Past The Night Holds Terror Scarlet Street
  15. LOL presidents are Not involved in the amendment process. It’s 100% pure legislative process (Congress and the State legislatures). Trying to credit or blame presidents is ridiculous, because they literally do nothing when amendments happen. Also I should note: The Prohibition Amendment was bipartisan because it won a SUPER majority of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. plus 46 of 48 states. one of the most bipartisan/widely supported amendments ever created.
  16. No no no. You misinterpreted. Kirk had asked Spock to do it. The woman reached before Spock could react. So if this went to HR the captain would be found blameless. He asked the male to do it, not the woman. (And verified by security cam.) BTW Star Trek season 1 is the only thing I have on Bluray because it was the best one. It had around 30 episodes! Today we only get 15 per season. Season 1 was written by actual science fiction authors from the literary world. Season 2 was okay but not worth buying. (Season 3 was just bad.)
  17. NOIR THURSDAY is back on Movies! over-the-air channel (free with antenna): https://moviestvnetwork.com/ Blonde Ice (1:25 am Pacific) (4:25 am Eastern) I Died a Thousand Times Johnny Eager Red Light The Fallen Sparrow The Strange One Overexposed Detour Lady in the Lake The Brothers Rico The Dark Past The Night Holds Terror Scarlet Street
  18. I was the same age as the kids on Family Ties so easily identified. I also had an older brother & wife who were ex-hippies like the parents. - TCM costs $5 extra for me. It used to be free, but in 2010 was moved to separate tier. - SYFY also cost extra, but I canceled after they stopped having original shows (at least no shows worth watching). I miss the quality Farscape, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica era of Sci-Fi channel.
  19. (ponder) I never thought of 1997 as the dark ages. Star Trek had already portrayed gay & lesbian relationships from 1987 onward. Ditto Xena. And of course strong female characters were prominent back to the 1980s. Such as Cagney & Lacey which was a police procedural show whose stars were women.
  20. One should not post after a bottle of TCM Wine Club 😉
  21. I live in Socal AKA Orange Couny. I will take you to Providence (rated #1 restaurant in LA). Or patisse... the top French restaurant in LA. Or Wolfgang Puck’s Spago as the top American-restaurant in Beverly Hills. A high-end restaurant for a high-end TCM host is worth it (IMHO)
  22. I hate racists. I admit I’d probably tell the juror to go join Hitler in hades.
  23. FCC regulating the number of commercials made sense in a 4-channel universe with few choices, but certainly not after we had 50+ cable channels (and now virtually unlimited websites). There’s now a trend with ABC, NBC, etc to have fewer commercials during primetime (upto 50 minutes of show per hour). No regulation was needed for that change to happen. - I have Star Trek on DVD. The original was 51 minutes. The Next Generation, DS9, etc was 46. During the final show Enterprise it was trimmed to 42 (and then got canceled).
  24. These are my favorite shorts: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Nesbitt's_Passing_Parade https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_A._FitzPatrick
  25. Oscilloscopes use cathode ray tubes which have existed since the late 1800s. It is Not television technology. Oscilloscopes simply display the Alternating Electricity on the screen. The “raygun” bounces up and down with varying voltage. It’s very simple. - Television technology was much more difficult than oscilloscopes. It needed to encode an image, modulate the image as an electrical signal, and then decode the signal as a picture on the cathode tube. Not an easy task. Early television broadcasts of the 1930s were a pathetic 60 scanlines resolution. Later when Hitler broadcast the 1936 Olympics, it was 180 scanlines. (Compared to 480 scanlines on standard television or 1080 scanlines HD television.)
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