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  1. I spend time at nightclubs surrounded by 20-somethings. They still use handsets at home & office, so they make the handset gesture. — They also point to imaginary watches that nobody wears anymore. - My parents built their house in 1960s and the phone had a large jack that was impossible to unplug. The phone had its own ledge screwed-into the wall. We had a two acre yard, so my mom sometimes “ran” all the way to the house for the phone! My mom told me the phone electrocuted her during a lightning storm. Knocked her to the ground.
  2. YES I got carried away with my copy-n-paste. In California primetime starts at 5pm (both Movies! and TCM). The artist on that poster got a little carried away. Given this movie was pre-silicone implants (pre-1960) he drew the Girl in White impossibly large.
  3. Eddie Meuller surprised me to noght when he said “The Shop Around the Corner” has many elements of noir & it’s one of his all-time favorites! Maybe he likes the Corn is Green too. (shrug) Considering this is pre-silicone implants (pre-1960), the poster artist REALLY exaggerated. The lady in white has impossibly-large brea
  4. If you’re spending money for those “commercial-free alternatives” you’re still wasting your time (to earn the money). I stand by my previous conclusion: Since I don’t watch the ads on antenna services, I’m wasting less time with Free services than the pay-to-view services.
  5. (1) These are TV shows. They were designed to have breaks to build dramatic tension. (2) You don’t sit through commercials. You use a DVR or VCR to fast-forward. (3) On rare times that I’m watching live, then I take a break to get a drink or visit bathroom. Or flip through a magazine. I don’t just stare at the commercial, because that would be dumb. - Most important: If you buy ~1000 dollars of yearly cable then you’re still wasting time (the amount wasted earning money). For a minimum wage worker that’s about 100 hours wasted. Since I don’t watch ads, I’m wasting less time w
  6. Over-The-Air channel Movies! is having Noir Thursday again: https://www.moviestvnetwork.com/schedule 20,000 Years in Sing Sing, Womens Prison, Destination Murder, Night Editor, The Killer That Stalked New York, Strange Fascination, One Girls Confession, Nobody Lives Forever, Deadline at Dawn, They Live by Night, The Hunted, Too Late for Tears, International Lady, The Corn is Green
  7. Over-The-Air channel Movies! is having Noir Thursday again: https://www.moviestvnetwork.com/schedule 20,000 Years in Sing Sing, Womens Prison, Destination Murder, Night Editor, The Killer That Stalked New York, Strange Fascination, One Girls Confession, Nobody Lives Forever, Deadline at Dawn, They Live by Night, The Hunted, Too Late for Tears, International Lady, The Corn is Green
  8. Put an antenna on your TV and you get all kinds of classic channels. My basic philosophy is “Why pay for something that is free.” AntennaTV, CoziTV, MEtv, ThisTV, Movies! They all have websites so you can look-up their content. It’s mostly 1950s to 70s with some later stuff mixed in. My favorites are: Dragnet, Adam-12, Father Knows Best, Dennis the Menace, The George Burns Show, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Twilight Zone & Night Gallery
  9. I’m an electrical engineer. Phones of the black-and-white era did not have plugs (like we have now). If you wanted a phone in your bedroom, the only way was to carry it from the Main room to the bedroom (requiring a superlong cord). Here’s a full history of the phone electronics: https://www.angelo.edu/services/library/wtcoll/museum-of-telephony/progress-and-change-1920-1930.php
  10. They had a “Star of the Month: Character Actors” last fall. Maybe if we’re lucky they will repeat it
  11. soooo TCM has ~7 behind the scenes staff? Smaller than I expected.
  12. I saw two complaints on facebook. Gypsie was loved by critics who said it’s as good as West Side Story. Also was a success in theaters. I also like Lady of Burlesque (aka the G-String Murders).
  13. Example: “They added commercials between movies. Soon they’ll put them inside the movies, like AMC does.” When I see these posts I’m always surprised. TCM has had promos in-between movies since the beginning. Nothing’s changed. Besides it’s logical. If a movie is 1 hour 47 minutes, the programmer needs to fill that extra 13 minutes with something. Other non-commercial channels like BBC UK or HBO insert promotions when a show/movie ends early. TCM does the same. I have zero problem with this. Especially the shorts & interviews which I really love. You cannot buy th
  14. Because the suits are dumb. Any video engineer will tell you: Pillarbox them. TCM does that every day with the pre-1950 movies that were not widescreen. So does AntennaTV and Movies! and other classic channels.
  15. (1) Please upload your Robert Osborne intros to youtube or Vimeo (or both). We’d all appreciate it. THANK you 🙂 : ) (2) When Ben arrived in 2003, Robert stopped doing weekend afternoons. So from 2004 onward he was only doing 4 intros per day. (3) Robert also did one less intro on Fridays, because Rob Zombie/ others did the Underground movies. So 3 on Fridays. - 20 years * 4 intros per day plus four extra on weekends (first ten years) == 29,200 daily + 4100 extra on weekend == about 33,000 I didn’t count Robert’s last two years, because he was barely on screen (illness,
  16. Over the last few days I’ve noticed Dave Karger and Alicia Malone are filming their introductions from the TCM set. Ben continues to broadcast from his home. Just an observation.
  17. I calculate 20 years * 4 intros per day (plus four extra intros on weekends) == 29,200 daily + 4100 weekend == 33,000 (approximately). Not sure how Ben got double that? - By 1999 most studios were using NTSC-III (digital tape) so importing to a computer shouldn’t be too difficult. A simple data dump using an HDV or DV VCR.
  18. Just to switch things up: Deforest Kelley (Dr McCoy) did his last movie in 1991 (The Undiscovered Country). My personal favorite, and his performance was great: “I’d give real money if that Klingon would shutup.” 😉 ; ) He was also the first main Star Trek actor to die: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0102975
  19. No when I goto LA it’s either a movie at Egyptian or Disney theater. Or a restaurant near Rodeo Drive (like Wolfgang Puck) or nightlife on Sunset Avenue.
  20. Yeah okay. Let’s watch something happy 🙂 : )
  21. No. Rather than give $20 to Uber, I’ll just drive to Roosevelt Hotel, park my car, and walk right in. I boycotted Uber when they charged me $120 for a $20 trip. The driver had dropped me home, then charged for his trip to Pasadena, and told Uber “I took his girlfriend home.” When I told Uber I have no GF they refused to believe me: “We side with our driver.” I gave a generous tip too & he ripped me off! I immediately deleted Uber, because I don’t support dishonest companies. Now I drive and park. (Or cab if my car’s not available.)
  22. That’s dumb because they are two different stories. White Fang is about a wolf becoming captured & tamed, while the other is a domestic dog that turns wild (and escapes into the woods). Soooo if Fox or someone decided to make the Actual Call of the Wild what would they call it!
  23. Today is “Noir Thursday” on the Movies! channel (free by antenna) so I’ll probably watch all day long: https://www.moviestvnetwork.com/schedule/ Woman on the Run, Destination Murder, I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, They Live by Night, Nobody Lives Forever, Another Man’s Poison, Deadline at Dawn, The Hunted, Decoy, The Big Heat, Human Desire, Scarlet Street, The Red House REMIND
  24. Yes because Gene is listed as a host on that movie. His actual last ACTING roles were Sins (miniseries) and Xanadu (theatrical movie). His last good movie (IMHO) was Forty Carats made two decades before his death (the pre-disco 70s). - The sad truth is both actors & athletes continue working past their prime. (On the flip side George Burns made his best movie in his 80s.)
  25. and only ~100 of them available for viewing on TCM online (backlot). Please upload some more, especially the ones when Robert was in his prime (1995-2005) Thanks 🙂
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