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  1. Hello Classic Movie Lovers, I am in search of a film by the name of Marry The Girl from 1937. It was a B film that starred Carol Hughes, Frank McHugh, Mary Boland, Hugh Herbert, and Mischa Auer. Carol Hughes is my grandmother and I've collected most of her films but lost most of them in a fire, so in starting back collecting again. If you could please guide me to the right source to attain this film, I would so much appreciate it. Thanks Alica - dewberrysquish@aol.com
  2. I agree. Please show some more Vitaphone shorts, those shorts are so entertaining. I haven't been seeing Hal LeRoy and Dorothy Dare shorts in a long time and those 1930s early MGM musical shorts. You use to show those shorts on Sunday evenings or Sunday night. I would love to see the Vitaphone short The Winnah with Dorothy Dare,Arthur Lake, and Florence Lake, that was one of the most entertaining shorts I have ever seen, I haven't seen that on TCM in years. If you show it, please put it in the schedule so I don't miss it.
  3. I like Robert Mitchum's nonchalant approach to acting. He looks as if he's not trying but that's what's interesting about him because you wonder if he's acting or be himself. Upset, why?
  4. Nina Mae McKinney, Francine Everett, Gene Tierney, Marjorie White, Carol Hughes, Joan Blondell, Dick Powell,
  5. Something about nightclubs of the 30's and 40's are so beautiful to me. Everyone would dress in their best, a big band would be on the stand playing jazz or swing and women and men would be twirling not missing a beat in each other's arms, everyone would enjoy each other's company. Nightclubs today are too scary to go into. Everytime I turn on the TV, someone got into a fight in a nightclub or someone shot and innocent people got killed. It seems decent people don't go to nightclubs anymore because it's too wild but back in the day people of all ages could congregate together. One of my favorite nightclub scenes in classic movies was that movie with Harold Lloyd and Constance Cummings, I think it's called Movie Crazy had a great example of a nightclub in the 30's before the funny stuff starts. Vallo13, I like the Juke Joint setting in The Color Purple too. Juke Joint was a name given to places like that down south. I love the nightclub scene in Cabin in the Sky. The nightclub scene in the movie The Exile, an Oscar Micheaux film, is excellent. In the nightclub scene you see blacks sitting amongst each other dressed elegantly and everyone looks beautiful and sophisticated and the camera just captures the black nightclubbers great essence and aura and their enjoying the music, themselves, and each other and it's a great scene to see and witness. Their so entertaining. The nightclub scenes give me a chance to witness what life really was like back then. I love the pre-code era nightclub settings and scenes. What I wouldn't give to go back in time.
  6. I can't see how people can love Carole Lombard and Marion Davies so much but not put Joan Blondell in the same category as them. She was good in everything she did!
  7. It would be excellent if Paramount restore and release the early pre-code, early talkie movies with musical shorts as an extra. Many bootlegs are sold on ebay and not in the best condition.
  8. I kind of caught the Jessie Matthews and Robert Young movie when it was almost over but WOW what a dancer. She wowed me. Ginger Rogers move out the way. No wonder Jessie was called The Dancing Diviniety. She was a big movie star in her country and she had some popularity here too. Fred Astaire wanted to dance with Jessie, Hollywood wanted to bring her over to this country to make her a movie star but it didn't happen. You all are in for a treat if you see her dance. She's magical. Her dancing is so artful. I wish TCM would show one of her fillms one day.
  9. I appreciate the rare films TCM has been sneaking in and the shorts that I can't find anywhere else. This month I've seen pre-code hard to find, rarely shown classics like Side Street, The Office Wife, Panama Flo, Young Bride, Road Show and a ton of entertaining shorts. I know I would like to see more on TCM because I trust TCM will give better quality and there's no other station I rather support but I do appreciate TCM. I can be patient because I don't want everything thrown at me at one time and I look forward to discovering new classic stars. I say appreciate TCM for what it is doing because when that's gone, what else is there for me? I'm too cheap to go out and buy DVD's though I might have to buy movies that TCM don't show but TCM pays me back. Maybe this has been answered but why won't stations like TBS Superstation and other stations show classic movies as they did in the 80's and 90's? I remember someone telling how late in the night some of the local stations and cable stations would show classic movies from different studios. There is a new station in my area called I used to be called PAX and on some days they show classic films like a John Wayne movie or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie or a British Jessie Matthews movie. How are they able o do that? I know they'll get a chance to show these movies once.
  10. I been wanting FOX for so long. I think Comcast may carry the station one day. I would love to see the Alice Faye musicals, especially her early stuff lilke George White Scandals and King of Burlesque and see the Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda musicals and Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney, Dorothy Lamour movies. When AMC was showing Fox classic films I got a chance to see Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, and Betty Grable but AMC changed and I couldn't enjoy their movies anymore and so for many years I put Faye, Grable, and Miranda on the shelf because about the time AMC went down, TCM was turned on in my area so I became obsessed with that but I'm ready for the FOX ladies again. Is there any hope for more classic movie stations in the future?
  11. Helen's life story is the typical actress story - wrong choice of men, too trusting, broken promises, abuse, depression, breakdowns, alcoholic, suicide attempts - you know the story! Her first marriage was when she was under 20, she married a guy who was an actor, last name was Twelvetrees, she kept his name but he caused her plenty of grief. He left her standing at the steps of the church after they were married while he went out drinking. So from that early on it was a bad marriage. He was jealous of her career going up because his was going nowhere so he abused her emotionally and physically and after many threats of killing himself and blaming it on her if she didn't quit the movies, he finally jumped from a window, it wasn't a far jump but he was unconscious for days and she was held for suspicion of murder but he awaken and cleared her. She stayed with him out of pity but eventually left him. I know that sounds like a movie but it's real coincidentally Helen were in many stories like these on stage and screen. She wa popular in the pre-code era but after that the public got tried of her sad stories and Hollywood just gave her the boot. She went back to the stage where she was in a few plays like "A Streetcar Named Desire" but other plays were mostly were flops. She went on to have more bad marriages and a drinking problem until she killed herself. I'm surprised no one wrote a book on her. Her life was a melodrama, a soap opera like the films she starred. Helen should have been in A Star Is Born(the 30's version) because that fit what happen to in her early career. Helen has a son but I don't know where he is. Everyone been telling me to check out Helen in Her Men and Millie which is one of the films that made her a star, it's about 5 men betraying her. Another thing about the Young Bride that lets you know it's pre-code is when Eric and Helen were in the bed together after they were married. It would have been even more risque had they been in the bed before they were married. Were there any other movies were a man and a woman shared a bed in the 30's and 40's? Because I've only seen men and women have a separate bed in films. Also, did some husbands and wives really sleep in separate beds back then?
  12. Joan Blondell was popular but never was regarded highly as Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Myrna Loy, Kay Francis, Bette Davis, Ann Dvorak. Joan B. stayed in movies for 5 generations but never was considered great like Crawford and Bette Davis. She didn't have many iconic movies according to film historians. Joan B. is a familiar face and we love her but you hardly hear mention of her anywhere or appreciation for her versatility. Even in her time era she didn't get as much publicity and appear on covers of magazines as much, she wasn't taken seriously and even her studio wouldn't give her the best roles. Joan B. is considered a great character actress but she was in fact a true actress. I take her anyday over the other ladies who hardly showed any versatility. I seen Ruth Chatterton in Madam X and Lady of Scandal. She hasn't grown on me yet so I will have to see more of her.
  13. Joan Blondell is another queen of pre-code. She did her best work in the pre-code era. In July TCM showed The Reckless Hour with Joan and Dorothy MacKaill as sisters again. That was another entertaining, short movie where Joan dominated each scene she was in. Blondell was great in Sinner's Holiday as the hussy, curvy girlfriend of James Cagney. That film was an early, beginning film for both. But they both shined. Cagney and Blondell were an ideal couple. They had chemistry even in that early film. Big City Blues is excellent and Three on a Match as you all know. Night Nurse is my favorite. Joan and Babs Stanwyck were perfect together. Another short but excellent film. Has Joan ever disappointed? I wonder why Warner Bros. didn't make Joan into a bigger star. She was obviously well-liked, talented, charming, personality-plus, always gave a good performance, held her own with big shots like Cagney, Bette Davis, and Bogart yet Warner's never gave her much of a chance. Other people became stars before her when Joan had more experience and credits. Joan was always on her best behavior. She never was tempermental and B****. Maybe that's why she never became a star. She never complained like Bette Davis and Ann Dvorak. She just took any role and never complained. But I feel she was the most talented and versatile of Classic Hollywood and Warner's. Warner's should have given her more important films and made Joan their top star. Even though no matter what type of film (A or she appeared in she always gave a wonderful performance. Again I ask has Joan ever disappointed? She truly deserves to be remembered as much as Bette Davis, Crawford, Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, an Norma Shearer.
  14. I loved this movie. I had been on the net looking for info on Helen Twelvetrees and finally it seems she had a hard, hurtful life so her sad eyes were real and she fit those sad stories perfectly. The Young Bride was short but jam-packed. Helen and Eric Linden was an excellent couple. Arline Judge was a great hussy. Before Lana Turner or Elizabeth Taylor, she had 7 or 8 husbands. Those pre-code films were like soap operas but not too mushy and crybaby. Pre-code movies told it like it is, it was reality. Pre code films showed the world wasn't as innocent as we think. I guess that's why they were done away with. Sin was alive and well then. Panama Flo starring Helen Twelvetrees came on last week and that was a good film too. Helen was basically sold into white slavery after she was forced to con a man out of his money. Helen usually played good girls who go wrong and good girls who always get caught in bad situation. I want to see more of Helen's films. I find it interesting that Helen wasn't included in the pre-code documentary that TCM aired. The documentary only had Mae West, Norma Shearer, women we already know. The documentary didn't talk about the big stars of pre-code who are today forgotten. Helen Twelvetrees popularity was huge in the pre-code era but after the pre-code era she became less popular. People triedof her sad soap opera stories but when she was at her best she was the best. I like Helen better then sad Ann Harding. These pre-code movies come on later in the middle of the night or early mornings. I always try to catch them. I feel TCM should show these films through the day so people can be more familiar with with the forgotten pre-code stars but TCM rather promote the movies of legends we already know about.
  15. Gene even looks good with her hair messy and not very glamourous. Dorothy Lamour is my favorite brunette too. It's something fun about her and she's sexy but in an innocent way. She's someone gals and guys like and I see why they liked her back then. I would love to see Dorothy Lamour with John Payne, Dennis Morgan, and John Garfield. I would have loved to see the chemistry with Linda Darnell and Clark Gable. In my opinion Tyrone Power's was a lucky man, he got to romance Lamour, Darnell, and Tierney. My favorite brunettes!
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