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  1. I wish Joan Blondell and Ann Sheridan got a special day too. Ann Sothern got a special day this month which I'm grateful for. It would have been a great movie to see Blondell, Sheridan, and Sothern in a gold-digging, catty, wisecracking film.
  2. Eleanor is one of my favorite dancers. Jeni LeGon - a Black MGM dancer was called the Black Eleanor Powell, which I thought was condescending since she had style entirely her own. She did some great dancing in a few films. Marilyn Miller was a great dancer too. I hope TCM shows again Sunny and Sally. Myrna Loy could dance. If you ever get a chance watch some of her earlier films. She was graceful but hot. Ann Miller of course is a great dancer. Ruby Keeler was a better dancer in her B movies then her A movies. Dorothy Jordan was a fine dancer Ann Sheridan could do any dance. Lana Tu
  3. Safe In Hell The Reckless Hour Scarlet Pages Other Men's Women Five Star Final Night Nurse Big City Blues Three on a Match Anything with Dorothy MacKaill, Joan Blondell, and Kay Francis in the pre-code era is good.
  4. Okay, I gotta stick up for Ruby Keeler. She's like a breath of fresh air to me. She's not too serious or too professional but just a natural, down to earth and sweet. Ruby was loved so much because the performance she gave in 42nd Street, which was during the Depression, gave hope to young girls and people that they could make it if they worked hard enough. Ruby's dancing wasn't so bad, it was easy going, she dances well with James Cagney in "Footlight Parade" and "Go Into Your Dance" and "Sweetheart of the Campus." She was just America's Sweetheart, the girl next door type. Wh
  5. That is very interesting prop cigarettes. Now when I'm watching classics, I'll be thinking is that real or not. Maybe Fred didn't smoke or wasn't a heavy smoker or just did it for the movies but I often wonder when I see the dancers smoking how they weren't out of breath dancing. Gene Kelly seem to always smoke. Or was that a prop cigarette? Judy Garland smoked but probably wasn't a heavy smoker. Ann Dvorak (a fine dancer) smoked, Betty Grable smoked, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth smoked, they danced well. Ginger Rogers said in her book, she smoked but quit. Ginger can be annoying at ti
  6. Is everyone on here a fan of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? There's no denying their great but do everyone find them breathtaking? Their wonderful but I can take them or leave them. I go for single dancers more. I wanted to get you all comments. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly was smokers, right? I've seen him smoking quite a lot. How was he able to dance? Today they say smoking damages your lungs, makes you tried, shortness of breath but he didn't look tried dancing. Maybe he took vitamins or something to keep him in shape. A relative of mine smokes and is a dancer, she had to quit smokin
  7. Do any of you have any info on Ada Leonard. She was a beautiful woman, resembling Hedy Lamarr, Ava Gardner, Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney type. All I know is she was a bandleader in the era when female bands came around during ww2 and she was famous for before that as a stripper, consider the top beside Gyspy Rose Lee. She was in a couple of movies. One with Doris Day in the late 1940s. It seems Ada did more outside of Hollywood but I was wondering since most of you know about stars of that time. Ina Ray Hutton was the first to have a succesful female and male band in the 1930s and 1940s
  8. The reason why people like The Enquired, People, and Star write these things and are successful at it, because idiots like you PATYPANCAKE buy it. Those actors and actresses choose their lives, did things they shouldn't, and they paid for it. I don't think everything came with the territory, they picked the things they did a lot of the times, and they thought nothing would happen. You don't have to be a movie star to have a tragic ending, its millions today who are normal like you and me, and have a tragic life and ending. Lets talk about Stars who beat a tragic ending and had a good life, but
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