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  1. It's a member's It's a random letterbox'd member's list of Oscar winners. A suggestion. That's it.
  2. Less than half, by my estimate, are "mainstream". I would not call Pink Flamingoes or even Stop Making Sense mainstream, although both are critically popular. If film preservation were the major goal, this is a lousy exercise, indeed, I'm not sure what further protections this would offer.
  3. They won't do it, rated X and all, but if TCM were to show Pink Flamingoes in one of the spots generally used for TCM Underground . . .
  4. But not the sole point. And the registry is hardly the make or break for film to be preserved. Otherwise limiting selections as they always have would be counterintuitive. Certainly, there are plenty of films they've omitted over the years that would seem to be more appropriate over some of the more mainstream selections they've made. I emphasize seem. It appears to me multiple criteria is looked at.
  5. I didn't realize DVD/Blu-Ray availability was part of the criteria.
  6. You probably should not look at moviecollectoroh's list of movies TCM has shown over the years. So many films "Robert would never have allowed" were absolutely allowed and introduced by, er, Robert.
  7. Relative unknown Archibald Leach has some films being shown.
  8. For the most part. Scroll toward the end, it's the entire schedule from yesterday onward. https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm
  9. According to my DVR, Mother and Son has been replaced by My Life as a Dog. MovieCollectorOh's schedule confirms this.
  10. moviecollectoroh just posted what's out there for now. https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm
  11. It looks like Fluffy has been replaced by The Brass Bottle for August 26, Tony Randall's day.
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