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  1. For the most part. Scroll toward the end, it's the entire schedule from yesterday onward. https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm
  2. According to my DVR, Mother and Son has been replaced by My Life as a Dog. MovieCollectorOh's schedule confirms this.
  3. moviecollectoroh just posted what's out there for now. https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm
  4. It looks like Fluffy has been replaced by The Brass Bottle for August 26, Tony Randall's day.
  5. I would imagine Autumn Sonata would be shown for Ingrid Bergman's day.
  6. Wasn't Esther Williams honored with a SUTS day in recent years? It seems she has three birthdays a year with TCM having days where four or five of her movies are shown.
  7. The movie could have gone down that route, but did not. I'm glad it did not, but I agree with you, or whoever wrote it got the idea and didn't pay much attention after that.
  8. Anyone know why only Gower Champion was in Till the Clouds Roll By but no Marge? Was it before their marriage?
  9. They are showing several of de Haviland's films for her birthday, July 1, this year. Or course, they did give her a SUTS day last year, bumping initial choice Bette Davis.
  10. Silent Sundays resumes at Midnight, May 17, with Love.
  11. It's a very Alan Harper thing to do.
  12. The schedule on MovieCollectorOH's page has through March 1. Sorry about your luck.
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