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  1. . . . and then there was one. Jacques d'Amboise's passing leaves Russ Tamblyn as the last surviving Pontipee brother from MGM's Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), although four of the "brides" are still with us --- Jane Powell, Julie Newmar (Newmeyer), Ruta Lee (Kilmonis), and Nancy Kilgas.
  2. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) starts off with two very atmospheric murders by lycanthrope Larry Talbot. We also get the greatest man-to-wolf transformation scene ever filmed by Universal (inside the Cardiff hospital). Lon Chaney, Jr.'s performance early in the film is very engrossing, but by the time he meets up with Bela Lugosi's Frankenstein monster, the film begins to fizzle. He meets Dr. Frankenstein's granddaughter, is pursued by an English doctor, and sits through a lavish (for Universal) musical production number, blah, blah, blah. Not until the very end, when the 2 monster
  3. Actor James Hampton has died at age 84. He appeared in films as diverse as The Longest Yard (1974), W. W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975), Hawmps! (1976), Disney's The Cat From Outer Space (1978), The China Syndrome (1979), Teen Wolf (1985), Pump Up the Volume (1990), and Sling Blade (1996). He also starred in TV's F Troop (1965-1967). James Hampton Dead: 'F Troop,' 'Longest Yard' and 'Teen Wolf' Actor Was 84 | Hollywood Reporter
  4. Curly Howard died at age 48 of a stroke/brain hemorrhage in 1952. He is believed to have suffered the first of several strokes in late 1944/early 1945, while he was still a member of The Three Stooges. In his last films, his deteriorating health is sadly evident onscreen, as his performances became more and more sluggish. He suffered a debilitating stroke on the set of 1947's Half-Wits Holiday and was forced to retire from the group. He spent the last years of his life in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. He didn't live long enough to see the Stooges' resurgence in popularity in
  5. So, I'm guessing a 75th anniversary tribute to The Jolson Story is out of the question.
  6. Road to Rio 1947 Beau James 1957 The Five Pennies 1959
  7. One of the stars of The Shadow of the Cat passed away just a couple of months ago. Barbara Shelley died in London at age 88 on Jan. 3, 2021.
  8. Bobbysoxer Marcy McGuire is still with us at age 94.
  9. Sonia Darrin, actress in The Big Sleep and mother of child star Mason Reese, has died at the age of 96. She passed on July 19, 2020. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sonia-darrin-dead-femme-fatale-bogarts-big-sleep-was-96-1304982
  10. True, but one of the Modernaires did follow Miller into the Army. After Miller received his commission in the Army in late '42, the Mods continued to perform stateside with Tex Beneke and Marion Hutton (billed as "The Glenn Miller Singers"). It was during this period (about 1943) that two of the original Modernaires, Bill Conway and Hal Dickinson, had a disagreement which resulted in Conway quitting the group. He enlisted in the Army to join Miller's military band, but by the time he enlisted --- in the regular Army --- Capt. Miller had been transferred into the Army Air Forces. Conwa
  11. Not sure why the word "h o t t i e" was censored.
  12. Remembering the beautiful Louise Allbritton on the 100th anniversary of her birth. What a ****. Growing up, I knew her only as the raven-haired vampire from Son of Dracula (1943). It wasn't until much later that I learned she was a blonde . . . and a gorgeous one at that! She also starred in Abbott and Costello's Who Done It? (1942), as well as The Egg and I (1947) and Sitting Pretty (1948).
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