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  1. A lot of well known films with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (ie. MILDRED PIERCE, ALL ABOUT EVE, etc.) - I'm not a fan of either of them. I do want to see JOHNNY GUITAR eventually though. I've seen less famous movies of theirs and let's say that I'm just satisfied with how much I've seen of them so far. Same with Audrey Hepburn. I'll never watch BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S or FUNNY FACE.
  2. You made me fall down a hole with him and some of these pics I'm finding... This one's dedicated to all you Ty lovers out there
  3. Don't have anything else to really add about his actual physique that hasn't been said already - but this has always been one of my fave photographs of him.
  4. Yes! He's another one of my favorites 🥰
  5. Please tell me I'm not the only person who can never get enough of Buster Crabbe!
  6. Sort of disappointed in these year's picks (of course I was holding out for more older films to make the list). I'm mainly happy for GASLIGHT (it really took this long?) and A NEW LEAF. None of the films I wrote in this year made it, including HEROES FOR SALE, RANDOM HARVEST, A PATCH OF BLUE, TEA AND SYMPATHY, and THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR...
  7. In 2018, they brought back THE BIG LEBOWSKI for the 20th anniversary. This year we had GLORY and FIELD OF DREAMS (both released in '89). Might just be me but I'm really not crazy about them showing such recent films. I guess there's probably a heavy element of nostalgia involved for folks buying tickets to 80s/90s films (I was born after the 80s movies and was too young to remember LEBOWSKI when it first came out so I can't vouch for this personally). But wouldn't there also be a similar draw for older audiences getting the opportunity to see something like HIS GIRL FRIDAY on the big screen? I know TCM has especially been pushing WHEN HARRY MET SALLY this year, having it open the TCM fest as well as screening it through Fathom too which I've also found to be a little questionable. I saw a lot of younger filmgoers around my age who aren't normally interested in classics (but view themselves as more open-minded cinephiles) react extremely well to seeing LAWRENCE OF ARABIA in theaters earlier this year and that made me very happy. The days that those screenings were happening, I remember sifting through absolutely glowing reactions upon reactions on Reddit and on Twitter... My biggest wish for 2019 was to have ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE screen for the 50th anniversary, however it obviously didn't happen (at least through the TCM-Fathom partnership). I'm still sore that I wasn't able to see this anywhere on the big screen this year. It's not as well known as the Connery films but it does have a bit of a cult following that I would hope to maybe attract some curious Bond lovers. I admit that it would probably not do super well with box office receipts but I keep on thinking back to when I saw the original SUPERMAN w/ Chris Reeve through Fathom around a year ago. Again, lots of people around my age who are more (or ONLY!) familiar with Henry Cavill's Supes showed up and still had a blast seeing the character's story presented in a different way than what they've been used to these last few years. I sincerely think that if TCM/Fathom/Regal/AMC/etc. promoted these screenings more often and in a more engaging manner, they'd get even better returns and wouldn't be so hesitant to show real classics. P.S. I'd love to see the MARK OF ZORRO! 😩
  8. We have a lot of great repertory theaters in the city like Film Forum and Metrograph, as well as museums that sometimes show classics like the NY Historical Society and MoMA. Would anyone be interested in creating a little moviegoing group for classics screenings?
  9. I like it. It has a much fresher look. I just wish the size limit for your cover photo was increased. I'd like to add one but it keeps telling me that my images are too large.
  10. Disappointed in most of these. I understand TCM and Fathom want to make sure that they can actually sell tickets to these showings but it wouldn't hurt to have some more older films.
  11. A pretty great rare picture, I WANT YOU, is airing March 2nd at 6pm. I managed to finally track down a VHS of it a few weeks ago and I found it to be quite interesting. If you're a Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, or Dorothy McGuire fan make sure to check it out. I especially liked Farley in it (and he had great chemistry with Dorothy)! It's not as good as THE BEST YEARS but it hits similarly.
  12. Ah, speaking of Fairbanks - this is nowhere as well remembered as his other works but WHEN THE CLOUDS ROLL BY is super irresistible. It's so colorful and packed with action that I don't think anyone could be legitimately bored while watching it. I think some younger people are hesitant to put on silents because they're afraid of being bored to death but damn, if this one isn't a winner!
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