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  1. Gabriel Byrne with those eyes and that wonderful Irish brogue--oh, I'm sorry. What was the question? On the female side, Angelina Jolie--but she'd probably start talking about the work she does with UNICEF and I'd start bawling and end up adopting a whole bunch of kids. Stars of yesteryear--Jimmy Cagney, Claude Raines. Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Wouldn't it be fun to get them together, and throw in Bette Davis just for giggles?
  2. ang

    The Sexiest!

    I have to chuckle because your post about Dennis Quaid took me back to my days right after high school graduation. My best friend LOVED DQ, and I had a VCR, so we every weekend we'd rent EVERY Dennis Quaid movie they had at the video store and spend Saturday watching them. I'm sorry to say that there was a time when I truly wanted him to never make another movie. Robert Redford, on the other hand, I could never get tired of.
  3. I read a great Norma story in Helen Hayes' My Life in Three Acts (one of the best autobiographies I've ever read). She and her hubby took a trip to Panama with the Thalbergs. The bordellos there used the names of famous actresses to lure in customers. Their driver took them to the house where "Norma Shearer" worked. The women thought it was hilarious, but Irving was not amused.
  4. What a great question! It would be so hard to pick 4, but here goes: Mr. Skeffington Intermezzo 12 Angry Men The Women As to the Fox movies, I think the reason TCM doesn't show a lot of Fox films is because of the Fox Movie channel. They show the classic Fox films, like Grapes of Wrath, etc.
  5. All About Eve is one of my favorites. I agree with you that Bette and Gloria should have tied for the Oscar.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the whole thing was really weird. It was hard to follow and seemed more like someone's attempt at film noir than a loving tribute to the amazing talent we lost this year.
  7. I saw one of the "Crawford" pics in the insanely bad Hollywood Babylon (possibly the most inaccurate and awful H-wood book ever written). I don't think the woman in the picture looked like Joan at all. They also had one in there that was supposed to be Jean Harlow, but years later experts said it positively was not Jean. I guess it's just easy to attack the ones who aren't alive to defend themselves.
  8. Thank you Santa for TCM's 12/26 lineup. Sunset Boulevard, The Philadelphia Story, It Happened One Night AND Casablanca!!!!! I must have been a very good girl this year!
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