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  1. Not long ago Cartoon Network rather sucked while Boomerang was fantastic and far superior. Now Boomerang sucks and is virtually identical to the old version of Cartoon Network. The current version of Cartoon Network is obscene and demented. It’s a perfect match for AT&T
  2. I wonder if TCM Wine Club ads are related to AT&T taking over
  3. Guests, first of all, are humble, mild mannered, and well behaved (see Ben for counter example, again just kidding, the joke seems to fit Ben though, actually something he might say) Most of the guests (especially the ones who don't make it too obvious they're reading off a teleprompter) offer fresh perspective, and insight. I like Ben because it appears he often writes his own scripts (or at least makes changes that suit his style well) . . . he's just on too much lol Go Ben Go
  4. For crying out loud, now I see Ben Mankiewicz is also spelled wrong! I wouldn't mind so much if you misspelled "Ben" as "Ban" since it sometimes seems the boy could use a vigorous dose of deodorant. Just kidding, just kidding
  5. I absolutely go stir crazy when someone spells Robert Osborne incorrectly. I know, I know, I need to get out more often.
  6. This is a very funny lady who was in the opening scene (and more) of Ghost Chasers (1951). She rather stole the show at times. I would love to know her story (not easy to find)
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