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  1. So TCM finally updated their website... thing is, so far it is LESS informative! I used to search for my favorite actors and upcoming scheduled films would appear, which was GREAT! If that didn't work, say if the actor was lower down the credit-totem-pole, I could browse the upcoming schedules, sorting by SHORTS, etc (which was extremely useful as well). Am I correct in saying we can no longer search for upcoming films from our favorite actors? :-( JD
  2. Since re-discovering Mr. McGoohan last year, I learned that he turned down the role of James Bond at least twice. (He turned down many roles through the years that could have made him a real "star", though I am finding that being a "star" did not really interest him) Now, I am one of those odd women who do not like Sean Connery. I don't find him attractive. And I never really liked the James Bond character to begin with. Which must be why I am having such a nice time binge-watching McGoohan in "Secret Agent/Danger Man" and "The Prisoner". Tall, handsome (though I can't quite p
  3. THAT'S IT??? OK... now......... just what does that mean? πŸ˜‰
  4. HI all I just watched the last half hour of "Planet of the Apes" and as the end credits rolled, there was a definite "blip"... what appeared to be a subliminal frame. I was unable to get the DVR/cable box to go frame by frame so I could see what it said. I was so intrigued I did a quick web search, but was inundated with clips and links for some modern versions of the "franchise". Does anyone know what the frame says? It goes by very fast, but I'd bet money it was black and white, just like the cast credits. The last time I spotted something like this was during a Thomas Edison
  5. Noticed today that TCM is missing on Comcast here in the Boston Metro-West area (Massachusetts). Their website claims the channel is still in our lineup, but it isn't playing. As this is the most important channel for me personally, I was wondering if something has happened on TCM's end before I call Comcast about it. Just in case there is some sort of outage.
  6. Hollywood Party (1937) March 31 – 11:50PM (ET) Thundering Fleas (1926) April 07 – 12:30AM (ET) Another Wild Idea (1934) April 24 – 6:30AM (ET) Great Toe Mystery, The (1914) May 05 – 12:30AM (ET)
  7. My first post on the forum is this: PLEASE SHOW MORE CHARLEY CHASE!! Thank you. πŸ˜‰
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