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  1. Hey! When did the Pacific Times get added? That's great!
  2. "Without a schedule for Pacific Time, I rarely watch the channel anymore." Sadly, I've noticed the same thing here. I'd use the schedule to plan which movies to record while I was at work, and then watch them later, and now I just don't bother to do the math. I've stated it before, but there's no logical reason why TCM's webmasters can't remedy the inconvenience.
  3. He was ok as a tough guy, but I really fell in love with him in "Blonde Crazy" with Joan Blondell.
  4. If TCM indeed wants people to subscribe to their monthly newsletter, I suggest all the people unhappy with the new schedule format hold firm, keep complaining, and DON'T give in. How difficult can it be to make something that was once working and make it work again? And if TCM can't keep up a basic website, then how can anyone expect them to do a decent job with a subscription monthly guide?!
  5. Just want to toss my 2-cents in on the schedule format: it stinks! I printed the January 2006 schedule and instead of the usual 26 or 27 pages, it was 49 pages long. After that waste of paper, I noticed it was Eastern time only and no way to change it to PST. It was great before, so it shouldn't take a computer braniac to get it back the way it was. Should it???
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