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  1. PLEASE restore this vitally important function to the site. I beg you.
  2. Browsing the "Suggest a Movie" pages can be a very painful and frustrating experience. A lot of these people say things like "It's never shown anywhere" and "I've been waiting for it to air on TCM for a long time"... and often it turns out to be a movie that was just shown a few days before, or is scheduled in the near future! Want some examples? Here are some suggestions from the first few current pages: "Brigadoon" suggested 2/15 aired 2/1 "West Side Story" suggested 2/15 aired 12/15 and airs frequently "The Awful Truth" suggested 2/15 says "My husband and I have been waiting for
  3. I have to admit I was incredulous when I read the "TCM neglects musicals" comment, because from my perspective they seem to saturate the schedule with musicals! "MGM" and "musicals" went hand in hand, so it's only natural. And SamTherapy is right about other movies featuring musical moments, though I think you're actually selling it short - it's not just MANY old (30s, 40s) non-musical movies that have musical moments, it's MOST. It's become a running joke in my household when watching an old movie - we're just waiting for the musical bit, finger poised over the fast-forward button. O
  4. > We're paying very close attention to > the comments and we're very aware of the issues. We > are working on them. By the way, tcmprogrammr... although I've been outspoken about the awful changes to the online schedule, I haven't mentioned that I really like the new website itself overall, and the database. Hopefully when all the schedule complaints have been addressed, things will overall be much nicer than they used to be.
  5. I do so agree. The only time I ever saw THE TWONKY was on TNT. Wish I'd taped it.
  6. > It used to take me aprox 16 pages to print the > average month's schedule, if I selected the smallest > text size and selected single (not double) page > printing. > Almost 2 days of the schedule were printed on each > page. > > NOW IT TAKES 33 PAGES. > > This is NOT what I would call an improvment. > > Please put the monthly print format back to the way > it was. > There was nothing wrong with it, nor has anything new > been added > to warrant the "makeover". If anything, the plot > summaries have > been abbre
  7. I can only find two TCM airdates for the movie, going back to 2002: March 10 2003 September 4 2005 I have the laserdisc, which is from Image/Turner Home Entertainment (1989).
  8. shill66

    Mad Love (1935)

    One of my most prominent thoughts about the movie is - What happened to it? I mean this: Isabel Jewell is prominently listed on the posters, yet she was cut entirely out of the movie... what's the story? Was a huge subplot cut out? Was she replaced?
  9. I have to add my own utter disbelief that I can't print out a schedule with Central Time Zone times. Come on, guys, the change to the format of the schedule is horrific and unforgivable enough, you can at least make up for it slightly by realizing there's more than one time zone (or two, in the case of Now Playing, which I do already subscribe to, thank you very much).
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