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  1. I really need the schedule on my app - that's the reason I downloaded it years ago...I really don't think someone said that the schedule wasn't wanted - this is a great disappointment...sure, watching movies on a tinier than ever possible screen is fine, but the schedule helps me watch on my full-size television screen...sigh...
  2. Actually, Dorothy Lamour was originally from New Orleans and went north in search of...a career in entertainment. And just a back story about the entire Road series - each one was a spoof of a genre of films, not necessarily just meant to be globetrotting comedic musicals - Singapore was a spoof of South Sea Island movies, Zanzibar a spoof of African Safari movies, Morocco a spoof of desert shiek movies, etc - if you look at them in that vein, you can see that they're meant to be comedies with music... :-) And other than Hong Kong (the weakest), I love them all, being a lifelong C
  3. I miss the schedule - I prefer not to watch movies on my smart phone on a regular basis, so I *really* need the schedule - I haven't updated my iPad app yet - I'd hate to lose the schedule there (and the synopsis, which disappeared from the iPhone app a few years ago).
  4. Everyone seems to be sharing similar thoughts about questions 1 & 2, so I'll just touch a little (with tongue in cheek) on #3 - I think this musical is trying to squeeze in a man's entire adult life, and something *had* to give, even at three hours! There could've been more intrigue, or pathos, or naughty bits...but they chose to focus on the 'musical' part of Ziegfeld's career with just touches of his personal life as a framework to hang the songs (and costumes) on! ?
  5. Thanks - I'd searched a number of forums, and hadn't seen anything prior to my original post - hopefully things will be repaired/made available soon, and a 'general announcement' will be made to those of us who don't scour the message boards daily - thanks!
  6. Can the resolution be posted in a 'general area' so we will know that 1) the iPhone app is repaired and 2) the iPad app is once again available to purchase? It's not accessible in the iTunes store, and hasn't been since early November. Thanks.
  7. OK - I guess none of the TCM tech staff visit this site - no answers here, sadly, and now my iPhone app is dead. Will someone please let us know when this will be resolved?
  8. Yes - I know where the TCM site has the offerings - it links to the Apple iTunes store - unfortunately, the iPad link is dead as the product is no longer offered - my question was "will there be a new one soon?" (and will someone remove the dead link from the TCM site?) thanks.
  9. The day I got my iPhone, the first app I downloaded was the TCM app - unfortunately, it's failed me a number of times (more successes than failures, tho, so I'm pleased). I received an iPad mini last fall for my birthday and was disappointed to learn that the iPad app is no longer available. Is this a temporary situation? Is there anyone monitoring this who could offer an update? Thanks!
  10. I was THRILLED to know that Bing would finally be selected as "Star of the Month" - I've always enjoyed this particular feature at TCM. My only disappointment is that it's not consecutive nights at 'reasonable hours' (some of us need to get up early every morning to begin our days!) so that some of the rarer Crosby films could receive a wider viewing. And I was happy to see that not only was the 1905 date corrected on the website, but that Gary Giddins' excellent book on Crosby was featured on the site AND on the air! Thanks, TCM, for featuring Bing - maybe next time you can put together a
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