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  1. Well, I missed the 'drama' (****. as in 'dramamine') but it was fun to be reminded of this old Twilight Zone' episode. "O, thats REAL good, Billy, its a REAL good thing you turned Joe into a Jack in the Box! Shivers! The mind of Rod Serling and the other writers on that show unbelievable imaginations!
  2. Girl, I'm going to have to start calling you, 'Queen of Thinking Up Cool Thread Topics"! wow. I once saw a private screening of a 1975 made-for- British TV biopic called, "The Naked Civil Servant", which starred John Hurt playing a person called Quentin Crisp. Londoner Crisp was one of the 'original out' homosexuals of the 30's & 40's who, though beaten mercilessly on countless occasions, basically refused to hide who and what he was, going about in public dressed as a woman, dressing and behaving and speaking as flamboyantly and effeminately in public, for the most part, just a
  3. Guys, Gina Trikonis is very findable on IMDb. She was born in 1939, but seems to have given up acting for Costume & Wardrobe, where she seems also to have done really well. I saw no credit for 'Cry Baby'. Kim McGuire is also there, but no DOB, altho her film and TV credits - acting - are listed, but nothing before the 90's, I don't think.
  4. For flannel shirt - *The Trouble With Harry* nw: still, racetrack
  5. For 'lobster trap', *Mystic Pizza* nw: racetrack She *THROWED* it?!! Ok, *Somebody* dropped a vase in shock or anger in *some* movie! I just *know* it! (winky emoticon)
  6. What an *incredible* idea for a thread!! Props to you, Gerogie, and btw, your name is one of my very fave films of all time!! ALSO, btw, I'll be over with lulu and the rest, we can ALL bring our wonderful stuff, put it in a huge pile in the center of the room and just go to town, amidst all our 'oohs' and 'ahs'!! We'll then have to model our outfits. Maybe we girls can try and think of three actors - pre 1980, lets say - who we'd like to be in the 'audience'. for that! I'll take Gregory Peck,Alan Bates and the pre-code Wallace Ford, who got the pleasure of seeing Harlow dance eroti
  7. ham, thats a good one. I thought the poster was just 'signing' his/her name, ' but 'ding' is as good a new word as any. I just don't understand *Ox Bow Incident*, for 'disco'. but maybe I missed that part of the film;) Also, I 'm surprised nobody has corrected me. It wasn't a vase, Fraulein Rottenmeier dropped. It was the beautiful snowstorm, which was, unless I am wrong yet again, Clara's gift to Heidi, to remind her of her Alpine home with the Grandfather..
  8. Of course, I don't know your taste in films, what genres & eras are your thing and all, but even if I were not a fan of early 70's suspense (my mom turned me onto these drama, being a huge fan of the early made-for-TV movies, which I understand, launched in the late 60's, early 70s that she loved to watch as a kid. That was back in the day where you had ONE big color family TV in the 'den', family, or living room, and everyone watched what DAD wanted to watch!) Maybe *Nightmare Honeymoon* was one of those, I can't recall if there was any TV-forbidden language. But as I say, even if
  9. Thank you, Helen, I know - when do we leave?! We'd better start packing - April is just around the corner! Thanks also for reminding me about that Oldman/Molina film about the relationship of Joe Orten and Kenneth Halliwell, 1986's *Prick Up Your Ears*. Both Oldman and Molina were wonderful in that, although I saw it so long ago, I don't remember much about it. BTW, Oldman is ANOTHER crazy- vesatile actor - did you ever see *Hannibal", I think it is - the one with Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling? Oldman plays one of the most disturbed serial killer characters ev
  10. Vase - Heidi (Doesn't Fraulein Rottenmeir drop one when she sees that Heidi has taught Clara to walk?) nw: gypsy wagon (I can think of 3 off the bat!)
  11. Yes, I saw Detour, and most of the 2 after that. Not as many as I would have liked, believe me! My best bet these days is if I wake up super early, and watch whats on at 4 and sometimes at 6am. Last night (rather, this morning!) I wanted badly to watch 'Nightmare Honeymoon' - not that the synopses were in affect until mid way through the film. I woke about 35 minutes into the film - but the action I had missed, while very important, was talked about almost exclusively - so I could tell the deal pretty much right away. It was a movie from 1973, and I only hope they plan to repeat it
  12. Mob burial - 99 and 44/100 Percent Dead!! nw: gas station
  13. Hey there, Fred! Yes, I believe we ALL need an enchanted April, I know I do. I thought it interesting that one person seemed to know what would happen all along - miles ahead of the rest, who didn't seem to know it until they were plainly ensconsed in the 'magic' of San Salvatore. I admit, I fell hard for Josie Lawrence's character's faith in something 'out there' and 'other than' (but actually 'within'), and I do believe even the most hard-boiled curmudgeon will leak a small smile when Miss Plowright's "stick" blooms - as each of the characters had.done, as well. I must admit to
  14. I know, I am a day - more - late and a dollar short, but I would love to discuss this film with anyone, as nobody I know IRL has seen it. I did watch Sunday and it was about the 5th time seeing it - but the FIRST time without interruptions, or dozing off , missing the first 10 minutes - stuff like that! But nowI think this has just got to totally top my list of what I think of as "Feel-Good Movies'. Now this, from someone who pretty much ONLY watches (films) in the horror, noir/crime/mystery. gangster, suspense genres. - and who NEVER, EVER (unless strongly coaxed) watches much
  15. Red, are you able to watch all day? If so, you are one lucky herring! Pia
  16. Yes! I watched *Lured* ! -great title, btw, however I only caught a word here and there of RO's intro - something about the title itself - which I found to be quite apt. Enjoyed it immensely, but will say no more about it yet. Got to give folks like yourself who didn't watch a chance to view their recording! Pia
  17. Just LOVE this film. and Lord Bless those wondrous years we had Encore's Mystery Channel, too, for this is where I saw this amazingly wry, very Finney film. PS. Oh - and *Dead Men..* is wonderful, I have seen it at least 10 times - just catching it on here and there. I almost used 'cleaningwoman' as my screen name, but decided to go for something short (and foreign) for economy! Message was edited by: Pia
  18. Lol, thanks! I did get 'clear' to watch Lucille Ball in her mystery/crime film tonight at 8pm and I am really, really looking forward. Give me Scotland Yard, and I am SO there! So maybe my luck will hold for tomorrow! I'll at least be able to catch the first three or four on the VCR. FF, check your PMs. Pia
  19. I am includiing this small 'addendum' to include the fact that I began this post when the person to whom I am replying had the most recent post on the thread. It sat, partially written for quite a whille, as I had to keep getting up to see to this and that. I see, of course, that I have basically only reiterated the feelings of other posters whose comments appeared in the interim, so I apologize for any redundance,!! P As you say, films with this sort of occasional content are a part of film history - as they were in actual history However - and ufortunately, I feel - scripts are
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