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  1. PI series in a Jazz night club. I can only think of 2. And I wasn't even doing drugs then. I didn't get any kicks from Route 66.
  2. Unfortunately not. That was one of the first episodes I watched thinking that was it. But in Long Hair, the pianist and his wife are killed in the end. And there is no conversation and playing a particular piece between Staccato and the pianist. In the episode I am looking for, the pianist is single, the PI kills the people hunting him, and the final scene has a brief conversation and then he plays this piece, another brief dialog, and queue the credits. The layout at Waldo's is close, but not exactly as I remembered it. The entrance is more like a hallway leading to the steps down. In t
  3. It was definitely a European classical composer. Polish sticks in my brain, but it could easily be somewhere south.. If I was more versed in music it would help enormously. Please don't put too much into the Lewis reference. I was searching for a reference I am too musically illiterate to make. The piece I'm trying to remember is like no Classical music I've heard in my limited exposure, but I really liked it. So I guess that begs the question what European/Eastern European composer wrote short pieces that might be mistaken for a classical jazz piece to American ears? I am almost positive
  4. Probably should have phrased it differently but it was by no means a knock on jazz. The pianist was just trying to show that what we may think of as "Classical" music, and what that normally brings to mind in the average listener, as not all there is to that genre. I wish I could remember the name of the composer or the piece that was played - hence my original question- because, for my ears, it could have been something that John Lewis played. Sorry for the confusion. Also, I never watched 77 Sunset Strip except for the 15 minutes it took for me to turn it off. And I'm sure it was Gunn/
  5. Trying to find the episode where a Polish/Czech/Middle European? piano player is helped by Peter Gunn/Johnny Staccato/other? and at the end of the episode he plays a piece of classical/semi-classical music as an illustration to the main character that jazz ain't got nothin' to what other composers did. Or something like that. I thought it was Gunn but I bought the series DVD and the episode was not to be found. Then bought the Staccato series. Nada there, as well. I am aware that these so called 'complete' series often leave out episodes, so.. Anyway, if this rings a bell with anyone..
  6. Thanks much, Deception it was.. funny how the memory works.. I thought she was all in black and didn't remember the fur. I also would have sworn it was Joan Crawford or Gene Tierney.. another item off my bucket list, thanks to you folks. oh, btw, I remember The Letter, having seen it before I saw the snippet that led to my posting. Also the auto notification is broke. I never received notices of replies.
  7. Hello. I'm trying to find the name of a film. It has a famous dramatic scene of an actress (famous star) coming down a staircase and shooting a guy, maybe repeatedly. He was one of the main characters, I think, and he did something to drive her to kill him. Supposedly a famous scene in film noir. I saw the scene in one of TCMs shows which showed a number of scenes from various films but missed the intro with the film name and actors/actresses.. Thanks in advance for any clues.
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