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  1. Today is my birthday and it would be the ultimate present if TCM showed me the schedule for March or if they are doing 31 Days of Oscar this year.
  2. Oh I just realized it was a neo- noir spotlight
  3. My Summer Under The Stars 2021 Choices 1. Ned Beatty (Deliverance ('72) ) 2. Henry Fonda ( 12 Angry Men ('57)) 3. Ava Gardner ( The Barefoot Contessa ('54)) 4. Richard Burton ( Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ('66)) 5. Deborah Kerr (An Affair to Remember ('57)) 6. Meryl Streep (Sophie's Choice ('82)) 7. Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood ('38)) 8. Spencer Tracy (Father Of The Bride ('50)) 9. Jack Lemmon (The Odd Couple ('68)) 10. Melvyn Douglas (Hud ('63)) 11. Lillian Gish (Way Down East ('20)) 12. Ann Sothern (A Lette
  4. I got the 90 anniversary WB Box Set in 2019 ,about to get the 20th century fox box set today, ironic they doing this today too. (Plus I got some individual blu-rays and other collections too)
  5. Oh my god not him. I knew who he was but he has such a weird name that I forget his name. Loved him in Live and Let Die ('73), Friday Foster ('75) [which I saw recently on tcm], and Alien ('79). May he Rest In Piece🙏😭
  6. Now I really want to see the schedule, can't wait to be there😁🎬🎥🎞️
  7. Your welcome dude, lucky I had the schedule up in another tab👍
  8. I was getting ready to share it, but thank you for that👍
  9. It Seems Not Just Robert Mitchum will be Star of the Month, Other Actors Named Robert too be, well this is a first.
  10. The Stuff they got for May should have been for 31 Days Of Oscar; Chaplin ('92), Precious ('09), The Last Emperor ('87) and many more. Also TCM Film Festival is scheduled in May, but films haven't been picked yet, so ignore the TBA shots for now.
  11. You can see the schedule better here☺️ https://www.tcm.com/31days
  12. Too bad, I was really hoping to see The French Connection ('71), All About Eve ('50), The Grapes of Wrath ('40), and All That Jazz ('79)
  13. I was shocked to see Almost Famous ('00) on up here. I heard of it but never got too watching it, plus it came out the same year I was born
  14. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but I'm glad TCM finally showed 1 and 2 on underground.
  15. I have been waiting patiently for the schedule to update to show March and it's way, way past of the time they show the schedule. They using show it on the 10 to the 12 of the month, but for them to not show it on my birthday yesterday is so strange 😬
  16. To Sleep With Anger ('90) didn't win or wasn't nominated for oscars
  17. I still don't understand why Shrek ('01) out of all movies was in the NFR this year, what they gonna put in next Madagascar ('05) 😂. (I'm not saying the movies are bad, cause I personally love these films but they could have waited to put these films in a later time)
  18. I knew I wasn't wrong, they were going have but changed it due to the Oscars being in April, but they had to put the leftovers somewhere and that's why we have three best picture winners on the same day on February 27. (And those films you mentioned where nominated or won)
  19. It's all part of the golden turkeys awards, which is for the worst films ever😂. (Should have put The Room ('03) in there too😂
  20. Okay I just though February schedule and it is very interesting, it seems their where going have 31 Days of Oscar, but changed it. They got films like Rain Man ('88), Chariots Of Fire ('81), Under Fire ('83), The Killing Fields ('84), Dances With Wolves ('90), Thelma & Louis ('91), and The Age Of Innocence ('93) in the same month.
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