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  1. The longer promo just came on,and it looks like they are going all out
  2. I'm really getting worried now about this,cause how hard is it for them to make a month full of Oscar winning movies,it's like they forgot about February or something
  3. I'm gonna wait til tommorow,and if it's nothing there,I'm gonna get mad
  4. If your a youngster who wants to get into classics, I would recommend - 1. Anchors Aweigh ('45) 2. The Adventures of Robin Hood ('38) 3. North by Northwest ('59) 4. A Night at the Opera ('35) 5. The Wizard of Oz ('39) 6. The Big Sleep ('46) 7. My Fair Lady ('64) 8. Its A Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World ('63) 9. High Noon ('52) 10. Modern Times ('36) These are the movies I recommend,if you want to get into classics movies😁👍🎬
  5. It truly is cool to watch movies made back in the day and look at how movies are made now,its so amazing, and Im 19
  6. I always loved TCM cause of the diversity and how it presents its self as a hub for not just classic movies, 70s, 80s, 90s,and sometimes 2000s movies. Im sorry i havent been up here so long, i been busy, but I still watch it. So tell me why you love TCM.
  7. There was no special guest host,just Alicia Malone hosting it.
  8. They missing Rocky ('76), Carrie ('76), and Network ('76),all great movies from the year 1976
  9. I know this is in the wrong place,but I think you should check this out
  10. Your probably right about Soylent Green. And Starman ('84) does sound interesting,I heard about it,but never got the chance to see it.
  11. The only movies they are missing Planet of the Apes ('68) Soylent Green ('73) Alien ('79) The Thing ('82) or Blade Runner ('82) And Finally Back to the Future ('85) So what science fiction would you want to air ?
  12. I really don't get why Henry Fonda is is up here,they are already doing a star of the month for him in July.
  13. I'm hyped for tcm backlog selections (please be good),Marlon Brando (wish they could have aired The Godfather ('72) ),Shirley Temple, James Stewart, Red Skelton (such a funny guy), Natalie Wood, Ann Southern, Errol Flynn, Audrey Hepburn, Buster Keaton, Dustin Hoffman (One of my fav actors,and I can't wait to see Midnight Cowboy ('69) and Hook ('91) ) ,And Finally Kirk Douglas
  14. Day 1 Burt Reynolds Day 6:00 am - 100 Rifles ('69) 8:00 am - Shamus ('73) 9:50 am - White Lighting ('73) 11:45 am - The End ('78) 1:40 pm - Hustle ('75) 3:50 pm - Gator ('76) 6:00 pm - Hooper ('78) Primetime 8:00 pm - Smokey and the Bandit ('77) 10:00 pm - Deliverance ('72) 12:05 am - The Cannonball Run ('81) 2:00 am - Boogie Nights ('97) 4:45 an - Starting Over ('79)
  15. 1. Burt Reynolds 2. Gene Wilder 3. Charlie Chaplin 4. Elizabeth Taylor 5. Humphrey Bogurt 6. Paul Newman 7. Dustin Huffman 8. Woody Allen 9. Greta Garbo 10. Katherine Hepburn 11. James Stewart 12. Clark Gable 13. Jack Nicholson 14. Al Pacino 15. Goldie Hawn 16. Debbie Reynolds 17. Burt Lancaster 18. Marlon Brando 19. Cary Grant 20. James Cagney 21. Sean Conneray 22. Lana Turner 23. Whoopi Goldberg 24. Sidney Portier 25. Clint Eastwood 26. Jack Lemmon 27. Kirk Dougla
  16. I didn't even know that,that's why tcm is doing a salute to fox in July,so sad, they should have wanted a n September to show more films released from fox like Alien ('79),Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ('69), Planet of the Apes ('68), MASH ('70), Die Hard ('88),The Longest Day ('62), Titanic ('53 and '97),X-Men ('00), Avatar ('09) and many more😭😭😭😭😭😭
  17. I really enjoyed The Old Man and The Sea ('58)😏
  18. Movies I'm gonna definitely watch for the 31 Days of Oscar and you should probably see too Little Women ('49) The Old Man and The Sea ('58) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter ('68) Tom Sawyer ('73) Sunrise ('27) The French Connection ('71) Taxi Driver ('76) The Third Man ('49) North By Northwest ('59) Wait Until Dark ('67) Fantastic Voyage ('66) Days of Wine and Roses ('62) The Lost
  19. April schedule is up an the essentials are back along with the TCM 25th anniversary starting April 14
  20. UPDATE: Papillon ('73) is now Midnight Express ('78) Kinda a nice change.
  21. I had to update the 60s category , Added The Americanization of Emily ('64), Rachel,Rachel ('68), A Raisin in the Sun ('61) 60s Billy Bdid ('62) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter ('68) Wait Until Dark ('67) Fantastic Voyage ('66) Doctor Dolittle ('67) Days of Wine and Roses ('62) The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ('64) Doctor Zhivago ('65) The Lion in Winter ('68) Funny Girl ('68) Goodbye, Mr. Chips ('69)
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